KFC Italia 8.2.1 APK- Download| Latest Version 2022

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KFC Italia for Android

Anyone who loves fried chicken, must be a KFC fan because it is known for making one of the best and crispy fried chicken along with a lot of other things as well. Now, if we tell you that you can simply order that while you are on the way so that you do not have to wait for your order once you reach there?! Yes, that’s right! Here is an app called KFC Italia that has been developed to help you guys to place your order via your smartphones. This app is available for both android as well as iOS devices out there so, you need not to worry about any compatibility issues here.

KFC Italia is basically a kind of click and collect service by KFC through an app. This allow the users to easily order their food from their smartphone which makes it convenient for them as they do not have to stand in the queue to order. Along with being convenient, it also provides you several advantages like several offers and coupons. The payment is also super easy which gives you the option to either make an online payment or in case you do not want to do that, you can easily pay at the cashier. The app is really well organised so you won’t be facing any difficulty using it.

Download KFC Italia APK | Latest Version 2022

Application NameKFC Italia
AuthorKFC ITALY S.r.l.
Latest Version 8.2.1
Operating SystemAndroid
File NameKFC-Italia-gnradar.com.apk
Total Size35.26 MB
Uploaded On02-June-2022

KFC Italia 2022 APK- Main Features

There are many exciting features that you all are going to love. Here are a few of them –

  • Order at Your Comfort – The major purpose of KFC Italia app is to make things convenient for you all as it helps you to place order right from your smartphone. This is going to save a lot of your time and you won’t have to stand in those long queues as well.
  • Find KFC Restaurants – The app also has a navigation feature that will help the users to find any nearby KFC restaurants. This way, you can simply select the one that is near to your location and place the order.
  • Browse Menu – Due to so much of rush, you must have seen that you hardly get any time to look at the menu in detail! Well, you can do that on this app. You can simply browse the complete menu in detail and order something new from your usual order.
  • Amazing Coupons – The app is not just about ordering food as here you will also get some really exciting offers and coupons that you can use while ordering. This will help you to save your money and who doesn’t want that?!
  • Make Payment – In order to avoid paying via cash or card, you can simply opt to make online payment while you place your order. This will again save your time and make things more convenient. However, if you do not want to do that, you can simply opt for making payment to the cashier.
  • Easy to Use – Another amazing thing about this app is that it is super easy to use which means anyone won’t be facing any kind of difficulty while using the app. Anyone can use it easily without any inconvenience and the best part is that it is absolutely free of cost which means you won’t have to pay anything to download or use this app.

KFC Italia is simply a must to have kind of application for all those people who love KFC food!

We will try to update KFC Italia latest versions daily so keep an eye on updates and stay tuned with GN Radar.


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