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KakaoMap- Map / Navigation for Android

KakaoMap is the most popular and standout map app for navigating South Korea. It is the ideal application for locals and visitors packed with a lot of features. Since Google Maps has limitations in South Korea, the perfect alternative in South Korea is KakaoMaps. It provides 3D maps and these maps get updated regularly. The routes displayed by the app are too precise whether you are walking, cycling or using public transport. The app ensures you are never out of options or lost. The app also offers real-time data that helps decision-making during commutes or explorations.

The main highlighted feature of this app is its compatibility with Wear OS devices, which helps users to navigate through their wrist watches. The app supports almost all Android Wear OS devices. The feature gives you valuable local information right at your wrist. Additionally, the app also features a suggestion feature that suggests the most popular places to visit based on your current location. It also analyzes data to provide insights that can help you plan your day better. Another handy feature of this app is the ‘re-search this area’ option that shows instant search results on the map. You can also save your favorite locations and view live traffic updates and transport schedules. The app also has a location sharing feature for safety, just like Google Maps. It has both a standard map view and a 3D Sky view for versatility. KakaoMap even lets you preview places with its Road View feature.

So, if you are in South Korea or you want to visit South Korea then KakaoMap is the perfect app for you.

Download KakaoMap APK | Latest Version 2023

Application NameKakaoMap- Map / Navigation
Developed byKakao Corp.
Latest Version5.12.1
File Size186.69 MB
File NameKakaoMap.apk
Minimum Android RequiredAndroid 8.0 (Oreo, API 26)
Uploaded On20-September-2023

KakaoMap 2023 APK- Main Features

There are a lot of amazing features that you guys are going to experience while using KakaoMap app and here are a few of the best ones–

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  • Fastest and Most Accurate Map– The app provides the most current information, updated every 24 hours, for car, public transportation, walking, and bicycle routes.
  • Navigation System Included– The app instantly provides navigation directions when you search for a route.
  • Comprehensive Search within One Window– The app enables you to discover a variety of information, including bus numbers, bus stops, specific locations, and more, all within a single search window.
  • Personalized Recommendations– The app provides personalized information such as popular restaurants, keywords, spots, events, and more, based on your current location.
  • Search Areas on the Map– The app immediately displays search results using the “Re-search this area” feature on the map.
  • Data-Driven Suggestions– The app leverages big data on visitors to offer information on specific places, factoring in age, gender, and the day of the week.
  • Organized Favorites– The app lets you manage and organize your favorite places into groups and display them on the map. These folders can be followed and shared.
  • Road View– After searching for a route, the app allows you to preview the destination using the Road View feature.
  • Realistic 3D Map– The app offers a realistic, vector-based map that can be rotated or tilted 360 degrees.
  • Real 3D Sky View– The app enables exploration of three-dimensional maps using the 3D Sky View feature.
  • Favorite Places Display– The app directly shows your favorite places on the map.
  • Real-Time Bus– The app supplies real-time bus information to help minimize your wait time.
  • Real-Time Traffic– The app provides real-time traffic information to help identify the fastest routes.
  • Convenient and Accurate Subway Map– The app displays a convenient and precise subway map for easy navigation.
  • Location Sharing– The app enables you to share your location with loved ones to keep them informed of your whereabouts.
  • Hyper Accurate Bus Services– The app offers highly accurate bus services for cities like Busan, Chuncheon, Mokpo, Ulsan, Jeju, and Gwangju.
  • KakaoMap for Wear OS Devices– The app enables the use of KakaoMap on your Wear OS devices to view bus and subway arrival information, as well as provide guidance for public transportation and biking.

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