Insta Aero Download 2023| Latest Version 18.0.3 [APK]

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Insta Aero for Android

Among all the social media apps out there, you guys must have seen that Instagram is one of the most popular and favourite platforms for people across the world. It has become the favourite spot for everyone however, most of the time we feel that it lacks several features. This is when there is a need for modified apps because the official version does not allow us such great customization or such a huge range of features. There are dozens of modified apps out there that are developed especially for Instagram and here we are also introducing you guys to one such amazing mod app and its name is Insta Aero. This amazing app is available for all the android devices out there.

Insta Aero has been developed in such a way that you are going to have a completely amazing experience of using Instagram. You are going to have a really huge range of features that you won’t get otherwise when you are using an official app. There are a lot of amazing things that this app will allow you to do like download photos and videos, view profile pictures in HD and a lot more than this!

Download Insta Aero 2023 APK | Latest Version 18.0.3

Application NameInsta Aero
CategorySocial Media
Latest Version18.0.3
File Size46.8 MB
File NameInsta-Aero.apk
Developed byMarsAPI
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 4.0+
Uploaded On09-April-2022

Insta Aero 2021 APK-Main Features

Here are some super amazing features that you guys will experience while using this mod app –

  • Copy Comments– This app will allow you guys to easily copy the comments that you like from Instagram which is highly useful because you are not able to do that in the official app.
  • Download Photos & Videos– One can easily download photos & videos from Instagram, using this super amazing app. This would not have been possible with the original Instagram because it simply won’t allow that.
  • Zoom Profile Picture– Usually you see a very small profile picture on Instagram but with Insta Aero, you will be able to zoom that profile picture and view in HD.
  • Translate Comments– All the Instagram users who are using this app will be able to easily translate all the comments that they want to better understand them.
  • Different Themes – This app also offers you some crazy customization options like you will be able to change the theme of the app with dozens of other themes available here. This will give a complete makeover to your Instagram.
  • Hide View – Whenever you view anyone’s story, it ultimately shows up on it that you’ve watched it. All those people who do not want others to know whether they have seen their story or not, they can simply use this feature as it will hide the view status.
  • Block Ads – One thing that irritates us way too much on most of the platforms is the ads as they keep popping up again and again. However, with Insta Aero, you are not going to face that problem as you will be able to block the ads easily to avoid all the interruption.
  • App Lock – Insta Aero comes with this special feature that helps us to lock the app easily. You can set up a PIN or you can also lock it using the fingerprint so that there’s not any kind of privacy issue. No one will be able to access it without your permission even if they have unlocked your phone.
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This is the best app for all those people out there who are always looking for something extra. The best thing here is that it is available free of cost which means you do not have to pay anything to use all these amazing features. Now, what else can you ask for? Go download it now!

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