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Huawei Push Service for Android

A lot of you must have heard about push services as it is widely used by developers out there. Here, we are also talking about one such thing that is HUAWEI Push Service. It is a kind of messaging service that is basically developed for developers as through this, they can send messages to apps, that users receives on various devices. This particular app is made available for different platforms including Android, iOS, Web, HarmonyOS, and quick app which simply means that the users won’t be facing any compatibility issue here.

HUAWEI Push Service uses the cloud storage that helps them to create a messaging channel direct to the devices. Through this service, the developers can easily send push message or notifications, direct to the apps, in real time. The developers will be able to send super large text that is going to attract the users as there are differences styles available. The users of this app will also receive the message receipts which means they will be able to know whether the message has been delivered or not.

Download Huawei Push Service APK | Latest Version 2023

Application NameHuawei Push Service
Latest Version11.1.14.301
File NameHuawei-Push-Service.apk
Total Size2 MB
Minimum RequirementsMin: Android 4.4 (Kitkat, API 19)
Target: Android 12 (API 31)
Uploaded On03-December-2022

Huawei Push Service APK- Main Features

There are many amazing features that HUAWEI Push Service comes along with and here we are going to provide you a few of them –

  • Send Push Messages – Well, this is what this app has been developed for! It will allow the developers to send push messages to various apps so that their message reaches every user who uses that app. It is basically for all the app developers out there.
  • Customized Notifications – It provides you many different styles through which you will be able to customise notifications. You can use large text, customise inbox and other things to attract the customers.
  • Classified Interface – Another thing that is going to make this app really very useful is its highly classified user interface. By this we mean that the users of this app can classify their customers or users in different groups on the basis of subscription, tag, attribution, and other such thing. This is going to make it easy and useful for everyone.
  • Message Receipts – All the messages that are sent via this app will be shown here. You will get the message receipts for all the messages that are being sent. This way, you will always know whether the message has been delivered or not.
  • Instant Reach – It is the kind of platform that will allow the developers to reach the users instantly, in no time. There won’t be any kind of delay in anything, you can instantly reach your users during the time of any update or anything urgent.
  • Analysis Report – All the push messages you send or the adjustments that you make, will be shown in the analysis report. You will get the complete report of everything here.
  • Easy to Use – The best part here is that the app is absolutely free of cost. The users won’t be facing any kind of difficulty at all which is just amazing.
  • Deep Linking – By deep linking we mean that the users will be having direct link to reach somewhere within the app. It is going to make everything really easy as all they gotta do is tap and done!
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There are dozens of other things as well that you will get to explore while using HUAWEI Push Service. So, download it now and enjoy all the amazing features it has to offer!

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