How you can file your 2020 Taxes Online for free in 2021 [USA].

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File 2020 Taxes Online for free

These days everything is getting digital and different government entities are also trying out different measures to make everything digital like paying bills, fill up the forms, file taxes and many other things. Here today we are talking about how you can file your 2020 taxes online for free in 2021.

The Developed byities are now accepting tax returns for the year 2020 and it is due by April 15, 2021. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, everybody is preferring to do everything online so that they won’t have to step out of their houses every now and then. IRS has started a Free File Program where people below a certain level of income will be able to file their taxes for free.

Here is a method to file tax for free with IRS Free File Program which is for the people whose income is below $72,000 –

  • First of all, you will have to see whether you meet the requirements of IRS Free File Program or not.
  • After this you will have to use the offer browser of the program to find the best offer available for you. People should keep this thing in mind that IRS Free File Program is not run by IRS as it is managed by Free File Alliance. Around 12 tax preparation companies are part of this alliance.
  • The users are required to input their income, age, military status, state of residence and their eligibility for the earned income tax credit (EITC). Now choose the one that fits you the best and file your tax for free with this Free File Program.

IRS Free File Program has been delivered by TurboTax and it provides people a facility to easily file their taxes without facing any kind of difficulty for free. Any citizen of the country who is having their AGI of $39,000 or less, can easily file their tax through Free File Program software by TurboTax. The Free File website by IRS also provide a proper insight of offers to everyone as per their financial situation.

Now here comes several Applications and softwares that let people to file their tax easily without any difficulty. You must have come across a lot of such Applications and software’s that helps the users to file tax for free and here are few of the best ones out there –

  1. Credit Karma Tax – Credit Karma Tax is not something new when it comes to file taxes online as this Application has been here for the past few years. The best thing about this app is that it is absolutely free to use any anyone across the country can file their taxes using this software, irrespective of their income.

It offers a free credit report service to the users that helps it to make money through different offers. The major reason why people prefers using this app is that it is absolutely free to use. Credit Karma Tax helps the users with free tax preparation and filing and along with this, it also supports major IRS forms and schedules.

Here are some important thing about this software that the customers need to know before using it –

  • Credit Karma Tax has been ranked at number 4 in the list of “Best Tax Software of 2021” and the major reason behind this rating is that it is absolutely free to use.
  • It also comes along with a feature called Smart File which is a time saver for the customers. With Smart File, you will see only those tax forms which you need for the situation you’re in.
  • They have also promised to give the maximum refund to their customers with 100% accuracy in their calculations.
  • The best thing about this software is that it offers the 24/7 chat support to the customers which helps them to file tax easily and reply to their queries instantly.
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2. FeeeTaxUSA – FreeTaxUSA is another Application which is meant to provide the facility to file federal tax for the people across the country. The users need to keep this in mind that FreeTaxUSA has been developed specially to file federal tax returns for free. Along with this, it also gives the facility of filing the state tax returns for which it charges the fees of $15 for everyone.

The best thing about FreeTaxUSA is that it has been approved by IRS which means people can easily rely upon it. According to the firm, they have filed around 45 million tax returns with IRS. When it comes to its pricing policy, it is pretty fare. Services like Federal Tax Return, E-file, Customer Support, Printable Tax Return and Tax Extension is available for free. However, it provides the service of State Tax Return at $12.95 and Deluxe Edition at $6.99.

Deluxe Edition could be seen as a premium subscription for this software. With Deluxe Edition, the users get a lot more features as compared to the free one.

  • Maximum Refund – According to FreeTaxUSA, the customers will be getting the biggest refund here by using their service and file tax with them.
  • Free Federal – As their main purpose is to help people file their federal taxes, they provide this service for free. The firm has guaranteed that there will not be any upgrade in price when it comes to file federal returns with them.
  • Accuracy – Accuracy is one of the most important part when it comes to file taxes online. FreeTaxUSA has guaranteed that their software is 100% accurate and that the users are not going to face any kind of problem with them. The reason being that it provides three real-time checks which are, Instant check, Double check, and Final Check.
  • Safe and Secure – Another important thing is that this software is completely safe and secure and the customers data like personal information and other details is completely safe with them.

They have also provided several guarantees to the customers, which are –

3. Free Fillable Forms – Now this one is for everyone out there without any income limit. People of income below $72,000 and the ones who are above this level can easily use this one option for filing their taxes. Free Fillable Forms has been introduced by IRS for people who want to do the things like they used to do, just in digital way.

Free Fillable Forms could be seen as the electronic copies of those standard paper tax forms by the IRS. This is the best solution for all those who do not want to get engaged into those typical Applications or softwares to file tax. This is one of the best way to file your tax easily without facing any kind of trouble. Here people do not have to print or mail anything to anyone, all they need to e-file directly from IRS’s website.

The main thing that people need to keep in mind is that IRS offers only federal tax forms. These methods and Applications will help them to easily file their taxes without facing any kind of difficulties or get confused with those complicated paper filings. In this digital world, these apps are the best alternative for everyone out there and everything will be done at your convenience only.


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