How to Watch Videos in Picture-in-Picture in Microsoft Edge

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In our super busy lives, we always try to do multitasking in order to save our times. For all those multitasker a thing called picture-in-picture mode has proven to be quite useful as it allows the users to watch videos in an adjustable floating window that they can move anywhere on their screen. This helps them to watch anything while doing their office work or anything else. You just don’t have to switch from windows to windows every now and then. Now you must be wondering that how you can use this feature on your device.

Steps to Watch Videos in Picture-in-Picture in Microsoft Edge

Well, here in this article, we are going to tell you guys that how you can watch videos in picture-in-picture in Microsoft Edge. Here are the steps to do this –

  1. The very first step for you is to check whether you are using the latest version of Microsoft Edge or not. If not then download the latest one.
  2. Now you will have to open a website where you wish to play the video and you will have to play the video that you want to play picture-in-picture.
  3. Here on the video, you will have to right click and a short menu will appear. If you find the picture-in-picture option then well and good and if not then you will have to move your cursor and right click again.
  4. You will be able to see the picture-in-picture option now, you need to select that and you are good to go. Your video will now appear in the floating window and you will be able to move it according to your choice.
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How to install and add an extension to Microsoft Edge

Now for those who wish to do this even more quickly with just one click, they can go for an extension. Here is how you can install and add an extension to Microsoft Edge –

  1. First of all, you will have to download the extension and the best one out there is “Picture in Picture – Support Every Website”. You can easily download this extension for your Microsoft Edge through the link that we have provided.
  2. Once downloaded, it will show you a pop-up message which will ask you whether you want to add the extension or not. You will have to click on “Add Extension” and it will install the Picture in Picture extension to your extension bar.
  3. Now all you need to do is to open the web page where you watch all the videos or if there is not any specific one then open any website with a video.
  4. The Picture in Picture extension will now appear directly on to your extension bar and you guys will be able to use it with just one click. Now open the video from any website and just click on this extension icon. It will automatically convert your video into floating screen that you can easily move as per your choice.
  5. If you wish to close the floating screen, then you can again click on the extension icon and the window will close automatically. It’s just that simple!

These were the two methods through which you guys can easily watch any video from any website out there in picture-in-picture in Microsoft Edge. Now no more getting bored while doing any boring work and this option is especially for those multitaskers who do not want to waste any of their time!


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