How to watch NFL Playoffs in the UK Champions Weekend

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Watch NFL Playoffs in the UK- 2021 Champions Weekend

National Football League (NFL) is something that people across the world, die for. One just simply can’t resist watching the league and especially the one who loves football. In the past one year, the world has gone upside down for all of us due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has affected every country across the world. Due to this pandemic only, NFL season has been postponed and now it is finally here. However, the pandemic is not over yet and there are several countries that are still going through strict lockdown and one of them is United Kingdom (UK). Due to this pandemic, games are not taking place in the UK but here is something to cheer up the people of the country. People from UK will be able to watch NFL on their TV or any other device through online streaming.

UK viewers will be able to watch NFL Playoffs: Championship Weekend. Here we are going to provide you different options through which you can watch NFL right on your devices.

Watch NFL on BBC

For all those who wish to watch NFL on BBC cam watch it on Saturday nights as it is available only once a week. You will have to keep in mind that it will be available on BBC One at 9 pm. It has been revealed that the coverage is not that wide but you will be able to watch the Super Bowl live. Viewers can also find it on the BBC iPlayer as well.

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Watch NFL on Sky Sports

Sky is one of the main source where you will be able to watch NFL in the UK. It will show plenty of coverage of the game. Each week, it will show the minimum of five live games, along with additional coverage.

The Sky Q customers will be able to directly tune into the NFL channel and watch the game live. They will also have option to watch it through Sky Go.

The ones who wish to watch it on different devices can simply watch the game on Now TV by entering their Sky Sports pass.

Watch NFL on Channel 5

Channel 5 is one of the classic way to watch games in the UK. Now the viewers will be able to watch NFL on every Monday night. The game coverage will start from midnight on Channel 5 and one show will also air on Sunday mornings at 11:30 am. The viewers here will also be able to watch the Super Bowl live.

Watch NFL on Game Pass

For all those who wish to watch the game through the official website, can easily watch it through NFL Game Pass. You will be able to watch all the games live with this. The content here is available for both free and with subscription as well. Only limited content will be available to the users for free and for those who wish to have full access can opt for a subscription.

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