How to Sync iPhone with Ford SYNC?

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Do you want to Sync iPhone with Ford SYNC? If yes then go through this article deeply.

While driving a vehicle, you should always focus on the road, but maps and music can make your journey better. We all look for a tool to manage our infotainment while driving. Ford SYNC is a tool that allows you to connect your iPhone to your Ford Car display. With this, you can control maps, messaging, media and much more. It is your smart driving companion that enables you to get entertained, connected and focused while you are driving.

It is specially designed to make it easier to use apps that you love from your iPhone while you’re on the road with a simplified interface, large buttons and powerful voice actions. After syncing you iPhone with Ford SYNC you will experience safe and smooth connected experience. If you have iPhone 6 or above then your smartphone supports Ford SYNC feature. Let’s take a look at how easily and effortlessly you can sync iPhone with Ford SYNC using Bluetooth and USB cable.

Steps to Sync iPhone with Ford SYNC using Bluetooth

  • Start your vehicle.
  • Turn on your phone.
  • To enable your phone’s Bluetooth feature, open settings on your iPhone, then tap on Bluetooth.
  • To turn on the Bluetooth, press the Bluetooth slider. 
  • For the moment, SYNC will now list devices that are already connected on the vehicle’s touchscreen.
  • On the vehicle’s touchscreen, tap on Add a device.
  • Again, go to your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings to scan for devices.
  • Now, tap on SYNC.
  • Then, SYNC and your iPhone will now display a 6-digit pin.
  • Quickly, verify the two numbers match.
  • To confirm your action, tap on Pair on your iPhone and Yes on your SYNC touchscreen.
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How to sync iPhone with Ford SYNC using USB Cable

  • Have a USB cable of your iPhone.
  • On the media inputs, connect the USB cable with USB port of your car.
  • On your iPhone’s display, you will then see a connection icon.
  • To verify it, open your iPhone and check if the USB icon is displayed.
  • You can also make action supported by your iPhone like downloading a phone book or making a call. 

That’s all! You can use any way that best suits you to sync iPhone with Ford SYNC.

Benefits of connecting your iPhone with Ford SYNC

  • Enjoy your favourite apps
  • Find routes
  • Real time alerts with Google Maps
  • Find a Petrol in the way
  • Check availability of Electronic Vehicle charging.
  • Discover places on the way
  • Reserve parking for your arrival
  • Make calls
  • Do Messaging
  • Use chat apps or communication apps
  • Play music
  • Hear news
  • Enjoy podcast
  • Listen to audio books
  • Enjoy videos
  • Watch movies
  • Big map view
  • Keep up with your schedule

Can’t connect iPhone with same device name

Here’s what you can do if you have already connected an iPhone with the same device name as the iPhone you’re currently trying to pair –

  • Open settings.
  • Then open to Bluetooth settings on your iPhone.
  • From the paired devices, delete SYNC from your iPhone.
  • From your SYNC touchscreen, delete all of your devices from SYNC.
  • Then, try pairing your phone again.

Connect your iPhone to your Ford car display and your smartphone apps will show up on car display quickly. Tap to get driving directions or use voice to send a text. Even call with your hands-free. This feature is specially designed to help you focus on the road. And have fun along the way. Just plug in and you are good to enjoy your driving experience.


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