How to Stop People From Adding You to Instagram Groups [Complete Guide-2021]

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Are are afraid of Instagram Groups? Do you want to block people from adding you to strange Instagram Groups If yes then you are at the right location. Just follow the given steps to block them. Now let us talk about this problem in brief.

There is no doubt that Instagram is one of the most used and loved social media platform among all others out there. It is having over 1 billion users across the world which is showing how great its fan following is. Despite being such amazing app, it is quite normal to have some kind of limitations or issues because there must be a lot of features that some people might find very useful but at the same time, some must not be that much comfortable with that.

In Instagram you will see that it has provided you an option of Direct Messages through which you can easily connect with someone you want and start a conversation or share different posts and stories. But you must have seen that a lot of people are creating different groups of people and share a lot of things there. This might quite exciting for some people but there are a lot of people who do not want such unnecessary interaction or simply want to stay reserved. This article is specifically for all those people who are looking for some way to stop people from adding you to various groups on Instagram.

Steps to Stop People From Adding You to Instagram Groups

Here are the steps through which you will be able to stop people especially strangers from adding you to the groups –

For Professional Instagram profile–

Instagram has made this option quite simple for the ones who are having a professional account, with only few simple steps:

  1. First of all you need to login to your Instagram professional account for which you wish to change the settings and then go to your profile.
  2. Now in your profile, you will see three lines on the top right corner of the screen. Tap on those lines and it will automatically open up a complete menu for you.
  3. In this menu, find “settings” and tap on that. Once you tap on the settings, it will take you to another page that will show many different options.
  4. From the settings, you need to find “privacy” option because from there only you will be able to control everything related to the privacy of your profile. Now tap on the privacy and it will show you all the actions you can take related to your privacy.
  5. In privacy you will see different sections and in the interactions section, tap on “messages” option which will open up a page that will show you complete settings related yo the messages.
  6. In the messages, you will see one option of “Group settings” and there you will see a statement stating “who can add you to groups”, you need to tap on that and now its your final step. Here you will see two different options that will control the group settings of your account. If you wish to stop strangers from adding you to the groups, you need to select, “only people you follow on Instagram” and this will automatically change the setting.

Now, not a single stranger will be able to add you on any kind of group on Instagram.

For Personal Instagram Account –

Unfortunately, Instagram has not added any direct option for people with personal accounts to control their messaging group settings. For this, you need to either switch to the professional account or you will have to manually exit from the unwanted groups in which people keep adding you.

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