How to Set up and use Google Assistant with Siri?

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Do you want to use Google Assistant with Siri? If yes then you are at the right location.

These days it is quite common to have a virtual assistant by our side because most of the devices comes with one. All the iPhone users must be aware of Siri as it is the virtual assistant for iOS and one of the best one out there. However, there are still many people who prefers to use Google Assistant over Siri because of the list of features that Google has provided. Google Assistant has made our lives a lot more easier these days as it helps us to do a lot of things at an ease.

The best thing about Google Assistant is that it connects with Smart Home and you can talk to your virtual assistant while doing anything. Now you must be wondering that iPhone already comes with its own virtual assistant called Siri then why there is a need to use Google Assistant. The answer is the features that comes along with Google Assistant as it has been designed in such a way that you will have an assistant by your side no matter where you are. Be it driving, studying, working in the office or doing your regular household chores, Google Assistant is there with you all the time. It simply makes multi-tasking possible for all of us and this is the reason why many iPhone users wish to use Google Assistant.

Steps to Launch Google Assistant with Siri-

Here in this article, we are going to tell you that how you can launch Google Assistant with Siri –

  1. Here the first step is to download the Google Assistant app on your iPhone. You can easily download it from the app store, where it is available for free.
  2. Now in the Google Assistant app, you need to search for the “visual snapshot” option. You will find the icon of visual snapshot on the lower-left corner of the screen. You need to tap on this icon to move further.
  3. In the visual snapshot, you will see an option stating “Add Ok Google to Siri. You need to tap on it and this is where your process will start. Below this option, you will see a button saying “Add to Siri”, tap on that.
  4. Now another window will open up after this, which will explain to you that what “Ok Google” means in an iPhone and how it will behave. According to this, when you say “Ok Google” to Siri, it will perform as “Hey Google”. After going through these options, you need to tap on “Add to Siri” which is located on the bottom of the screen.
  5. You are all set now and whenever you say “Ok Google” after launching Siri, it will automatically ask you “What do you want to ask Google?”
  6. Now you do not have to do anything, just say “Ok Google” after launching Siri and ask your question whatever you wish and it will automatically redirect you to the Google Assistant app. Now whatever you ask and the results will show on your screen like it normally would on the Google Assistant app.
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Now all the iPhone users should not feel like they are missing out on something as with Google Assistant, they will remain up to date with every single thing. Follow these simple steps and launch Google Assistant with Siri to have all of its features right on your iPhone.


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