How to purchase BC in PUBG Mobile Lite?


We all know that whenever it comes to a best video game, PUBG is on the top of the list. This is the game which has gain popularity in no time and today this game is played by millions of people out there. Along with the original version, there are several developers out there who released the modified version as well. One of them is PUBG Lite which could be seen as a lighter version of PUBG mobile as it takes very less space and is compatible with low end devices as well.

Now the ones who have played this game before might be aware of Battle Coin (BC) which is an in-game currency. Here today we are going to guide you guys that how you can purchase BC in PUBG Mobile Lite.

Steps to Purchase BC in PUBG Mobile Lite in 2021?

The main purpose of BC is to purchase the in-game items and Winner Pass. Here are several ways through which you can easily purchase BC in PUBG Mobile Lite –

  1. Google Play Store – One of the best way to purchase BC in this game is through Google Play Store. When you go to the Google Play Store, you will see several different options to purchase BC as it is available in different categories. If you wish to purchase 90 BC then you will have to pay INR 85, if you want more then there is an option of 285 BC which could be easily purchased for INR 240.
  2. Midasbuy – Another popular way to purchase this currency is Midasbuy website. This website has been specially developed to purchase the currency for PUBG. Here you will see that there are many different payment methods available in this website through which you can purchase currency and those methods are –
  3. Net Banking –  Among the three payment methods, one is net banking which is one of the most common payment methods that many players uses. According to several players and developers as well, net banking is one of the safest way to make in-game purchases.
  4. UPI – When it comes to fast and easy payments, UPI is the one that most of us prefer to use. You can use UPI to purchase BC in PUBG and the currency is available at different prices for UPI. The players can purchase 30 BC for INR 40, 96 BC for INR 79, and 320 BC for INR 249.
  5. Razer Gold – The last option to make payment is Razer Gold. It is a wallet that has been specially developed for purchasing in-game currencies. It is among the most commonly used method to purchase such currencies.

You might also see other several websites that might seem similar but you will have to make sure that you make purchases from an Developed byised website only.

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