How to Make Money on Tiktok and Gain Followers and Likes?

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In the recent years, it has been seen that Tiktok is among one of the most famous social media apps out there. It has been ranked among the top 10 most-used social media platforms, across the world. Although the app was majorly made for people’s entertainment but it has now turned out to be a great source of income for most of the content creators out there.

There are many people who are earning a full-time income on this app and that is why it has become a huge business for all the content creators, social media influencers, and online businesses out there. As people are moving more towards such platforms, there are many people who are still figuring out that how they can make money on Tiktok or gain more followers and likes.

Well, today we are going to help you out with this only. Here, we are going to tell you guys that how you can make money on Tiktok and along with this, we will also tell you that how you can gain more followers and likes on Tiktok.

Best Practises to Make More Money on Tiktok

Here, we are going to give you four different strategies that will help you to make money on Tiktok –

  1. Paid Collaboration with Brands – If you are aiming to become a social media influencer then you must have heard of paid collaborations. This is when different brands connect with influencers in order to promote their product and in return they offer them money. Although there are barter collaborations as well in which you receive the product and in return you are required to promote it on your social media. But, your main focus shall be on improving your content so that you can attract brands for paid collaborations. Most of the brands wants to collaborate with those influencers whose audience connect with them on daily basis and have a great reach. So, increase your reach and make sure that you have an organic audience and you will surely get offers from brands. You can also approach brands via email for paid collaborations and if the brand finds you worthy of it then the collaboration will definitely work. If you are wondering that how you can gain organic audience/followers, you need to make sure that you deliver what people are looking for. Along with this, you need to do several non-sponsored posts as well so that people can find you genuine.
  2. Collaborate with Influencers – This strategy is for all those people who are aiming to grow their business by increasing their reach on Tiktok. It has been seen that numerous brands are promoting their business (be it a small or a well established) on social media platforms. This is a great marketing strategy that is adopted by the brands and is helping them to grow rapidly. Now, if you are aiming to increase your reach so that you business flourish in the best possible way, you are required to collaborate with the famous influencers on Tiktok. You must have seen that there are many tiktokers who are having a huge fan base and their videos get some crazy response from the audience. Well, this is these are the influencers that you need to focus on as they will help you to increase the reach of your business. It has been reported that business are getting huge returns by collaborating with the influencers on social media. You can approach the influencers via email if they’ve provided theirs on the bio and in case you are unable to get the email address, you can simply leave a formal text on their Tiktok account and ask for their email. This is one of the best way to help your business grow on Tiktok especially, if you are a small business owner.
  3. Advertise products through Tiktok – For any business out there, advertising is one of the most important part which helps to gain more customers. You can also advertise your products via Tiktoks. You can simply make a video where you showcase your product along with the complete description in the caption. This will also help your Tiktoks to go viral and you will ultimately get new customers as your reach will increase. There are numerous of businesses who are using this advertising strategy to grow their business.
  4. Tiktok’s Creator Fund – This creator fund is the money-making method that has been introduced by Tiktok only. Tiktok is offering $200M creator fund and this fund will increase to $1B by 2023. But, this creator fund is not for everyone as there are several pre-requisite for applying to this program, here are those –
    1. First of all, you have to be located in the US, UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, or France. This is because this program is available for the users based in these locations only.
    2. One should be at least 18 years of age to be eligible for this program.
    3. A user must have at least 10,000 followers and 100,000 views on any of their video in the past 30 days. Along with this, their should also follow all the Tiktok Community Guidelines and terms of service.
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Gain More Followers and Likes on Tiktok

In order to earn money on Tiktok, one should have a great followers base and a nice engagement on what they post. Here, we are going to tell you how you can gain followers and likes in few simple steps –

  1. Right Hashtags – Hashtags helps us to make our content discoverable to those who are not even following us. It is very important to use right Hashtags that are relevant to the area or the audience that you want to target. This will help people to find your posts with the help of hashtags.
  2. Post Time – Another important thing that you need to pay special attention to is the post timing. One should figure out that what are the peak times when most of the people are active on Tiktok. If you post at the time when majority of the audience is active, there is a huge chance of making your content go viral. You will be able to reach a huge number of people if your Tiktok goes viral and hence it will ultimately contribute to more likes and followers.
  3. Promote on other social media platforms – You must be using many other social media platforms along with Tiktok. Now, in case you have a nice following on other social media account of yours then, you can try promoting your Tiktok videos or account on those platforms. This will help you to gain more following as your followers on other platforms will discover that you are on Tiktok and will go and follow you there if your content is worthy of that.
  4. Quality Content – It is really very important for anyone who wants to increase their following or aims to become a social media influencer, should focus majorly on providing quality content. If your content is good then you will ultimately get more followers.
  5. Collaborate with Influencers – As we have mentioned above also that when you collaborate with an influencer, there is a huge chance of increasing your reach. This will also help you to gain more followers and likes on your Tiktoks. So, focus on some good influencers

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