How to Get SVG Thumbnails in File Explorer in Windows 10?

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SVG Files makes things a lot more simple for us while working or searching for anything in our PC or laptop. In Mac operating system, this is an in-built feature and the users are able to preview SVG files by default. Here today we are introducing you guys to several steps through which you will be able to get SVG thumbnails easily on Windows 10 file explorer.

All the Windows 10 users know that this feature is not built-in feature and one has to get this through outsourcing. It is quite an important feature for all those who are having many SVG files as it makes it a lot more easier for them to browse with the preview. Here we have one extension called SVG Explorer Extension that will help you to browse and preview your SVG files easily in Windows 10.

How to Get SVG Thumbnails in File Explorer in Windows 10

Here are few steps that will guide you that how you can download SVG Explorer Extension and how to use one –

  1. The first step here will be to download SVG Explorer Extension on your PC or laptop. To do that you can easily click the link that we have provided you and it will automatically download the extension on your device.
  2. After downloading you need to install the extension on your device. To do that first for all close all the running Applications on your device. After closing them just click on the install button and it will start installing the extension on your device. Note: If you face some problem while installing, you just need to click “more info” and then it will start installing uninterruptedly.
  3. Now the last step will be done after the install is finished. You are required to reboot your computer or laptop to see the SVG thumbnails. You can reboot your computer by either a traditional method or there are several apps available in the store that can help you to reboot your device in no time.
  4. Once you reboot your computer, you are good to go. You do not have to do anything else as it will automatically show the SVG thumbnails in the File Explorer.

Some PC or laptops might face several problems while installing this kind of extension. If you are also facing one then you can easily remove security from your device and allow these kind of extensions to be installed on to your device.

Now there is no need to waste your time while searching for your files as you are going to get find them easily with the preview on your File Explorer in Windows 10. Try out these easy steps to do so and make your life a lot more easier with it.

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