How to Change the Default Search Engine in Android Phones?

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Search engines play quite an important role in our lives these days. We tend to search almost anything and everything possible through the search engine that are provided in our devices. The android operating system comes with Google as its default search engine as it is one of the most famous search engines out there. However, there are a lot of people out there who must be either bored of using Google or they want something else in their search engine. For those people here we are going to tell you how you can change the default search engine in Android devices.

It has been seen that Google uses our location and several other details to provide us better results for our search. However, many people out there do not feel this thing safe and they believes that their privacy is compromised here. Another reason why people wish to change their default search engine is that they do not want their search engine to track them down in whatever they are doing. There are a lot of search engines out there which provides us more privacy focused browsing experience and it cannot get any better when you get to choose than search engine as your default one.

Steps to Change your Default Search Engine in Android Devices

Now here are the steps through which you will be able to change your default search engine in android devices –

  1. Here the first step will be to grab your android device, be it your phone or tablet and open the Chrome browser which is the default browser in every android device out there.
  2. After opening the Chrome browser, you need to head towards the address bar. Now on the top right corner of the address bar, you will see three dots that will open a drop-down menu for you.
  3. In this drop-down menu, you will see the “Settings” option and you need to tap on that. This will lead you to all the possible settings that can be customised related to your search engine. There will be a lot of options through which you can make changes.
  4. In the “Settings”, search for the “Basics” option and it will again open a menu that will showcase a lot of basics settings option of your Search Engine. Here in this menu, you will see “Search Engine” and you need to tap on that.
  5. Now in the search engine option, it will open up various search engines that you visited recently. You can easily choose the one that you wish to use as your default search engine and that is it, it will automatically make that search engine as your default one. You do not have to do anything else.

You need to keep one thing in mind that it will show you only those search engines in the option that you recently visited. So if you want some other search engine to set as default, you need to first visit that search engine and then set it as default. This way, things will be a lot more easy and quick for you.

Now no need to stress over your privacy or Google Chrome browser using your personal details for browsing. You can select any of the privacy-focused browsers that you are comfortable with and then set that as your default search engine with these few simple steps without facing any kind of difficulty.

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