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Do you want to download the latest 0.1.5 version of Haydos 380 Android APK? If yes then you are at the right location. Just click on the given download link to install the new 2022 version of the game.

Haydos 380 for Android

It is a well-known fact that Cricket is one of the most famous and loved sports among others. This is one of the biggest reason why a lot of video game developers have developed cricket themed games and such games are simply loved by the video gamers out there. Matthew Hayden, one of the most famous cricketers of all the time has now released his very first cricket video game i.e. Haydos 380. The game has been now released for android devices so all the android users out there, this is a good news for all of you.

As the game has mentioned that you are going to experience cricket like you’ve never played before. Here you will be playing the game with the legendary player, Matthew Hayden itself so you can simply imagine that how amazing this game is going to be. It comes with a lot of exciting features and challenges which are simply meant to enhance your gaming experience to a very great extent. There will be a lot of different tournaments in which you guys will be taking part and this is going to develop a quite competitive environment in the game.

Download Haydos 380 APK | Latest Version 2024

Application NameHaydos 380
CategoryCricket Game
Latest Version0.1.5
File Size365 MB
File NameHaydos.apk
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 5.0+ (Lollipop, API 21)

Haydos 380 APK- Main Features

Now comes some of the main features of this game that you all are going to love –

  • Ultimate Gameplay– One of the major thing about any game is its gameplay as the whole gaming experience is dependent on it. Here you will see that the developers have introduced a quite unique and difficult gameplay which is going to challenge you from time to time and ultimately it will become the most interesting one.
  • Highly Unpredictable– As the gameplay is going to be quite intense, this simply means that the game will be highly unpredictable and will keep surprising you every now and then.
  • Different Tournaments– The developers have also introduced a lot of challenging tournaments in the game in which the players can compete against other players. You can also invite your friends and team up with them in the tournaments so that you can defeat the opponent team easily.
  • Realistic Graphics– Graphics plays quite an important role in any game and specially in cricket as everyone wants to have a realistic experience of playing. Here, you will see that the developers of the game have used ultimate 3D graphics where you will be having various bowling and batting shots along with stunning animations. This is going to give you a quite realistic experience and you will feel as if you are playing thr game for real.
  • Quest Challenges– Being the lead player in the game, you will be playing from the position where you will have to complete all the challenges that comes in thr game. There are different quests that you will have to face and you will get the chance to adjust the difficulty according to your preference.
  • Free of Cost– Another important thing about Haydos 380 is that it is available at free of cost which is quite rare in such amazing games. Here, you need not to pay anything to either download or to play this game which is simply amazing and nothing can beat this.

There are a lot of other exciting things as well that you will get to experience once you start playing the game. So all the android users, go download the game now and have ultimate experience of playing a cricket-themed video game.

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