Goat Simulator 2.17.5 APK- Download| Latest Version 2024

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Download Goat Simulator APK | Latest Version 2024

Application NameGoat Simulator
CategorySimulation Game
Latest Version2.17.5
File Size1064.46 MB
File NameGoat-Simulator.apk
Minimum Android RequiredAndroid 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21)
Uploaded On17-January-2024

Goat Simulator for Android

Goat Simulator is a popular game known as the world’s most funny and unique Android game. The gameplay it offers is entirely unique. You play as a goat and your main objective in the game is to cause as much destruction as you can while controlling a goat. Think of it like an old-school skating game but you are a goat instead of a skateboarder. Your tricks aren’t flips or jumps but smashing things, headbutting and toppling over objects. This game doesn’t put many boundaries on you. You can even make the game crash by taking your goat into uncharted areas. You earn points for destroying things and can show off your high scores to your friends.

The major highlight of this game is that it promises millions of hilarious bugs and unpredictable in-game physics. These unique elements add another layer of fun to your experience. The game developers even chose to keep some of the funny bugs and only removed the ones that could make the game crash. Don’t forget the weirdly long neck of the goat which becomes a spectacle all on its own. Moreover, the developers let you play this game on Android TV. The only thing you need is a compatible gamepad. The game provides user-friendly controls with a joystick to move your goat and buttons that allow you to jump, headbutt and create havoc. The town in the game may seem small but it is packed with activities that promise a fun-filled experience. From talking to town residents to jumping on trampolines and causing road accidents you can do it all.

So if you want to download a simulation game that offers entertaining gameplay and top-notch graphics and allows you to explore the town, headbutt people, jump on trampolines and much more then Goat Simulator is the ideal game for you.

Goat Simulator 2024 APK- Main Features

You guys are going to experience a lot of amazing features while playing Goat Simulator game and here are few of the best ones-

  • Destruction Points – The game offers a scoring system based on the amount of destruction you cause and allows you to compete with friends and other players worldwide.
  • User-Friendly Controls – The game offers easy-to-use controls with a joystick for movement and buttons for various actions.
  • Advanced Goat Physics – The game features hilarious and often unpredictable physics that make each move a surprise.
  • In-App Purchases – The game offers the option to turn off in-app purchases through settings if you don’t want to spend real money.
  • Limited Map – The game features a single but dense map that is full of interesting areas to explore and interact with.
  • Interact with Environment – The game provides various interactions with the environment from headbutting to jumping on cars.
  • Millions of Bugs – The game features intentional bugs that add humor, with only crash bugs being eliminated.
  • Customizable Experience – The game features additional levels and elements for those who wish to expand their experience through purchases.
  • Android TV Support – The game offers compatibility with Android TV but requires a gamepad for gameplay.

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