Download Game For Peace 1.9.10 for Android| Latest Version 2020

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Game For Peace for Android

Game for Peace is also one of the most popular RPG android game of this world rigth now. Most of the features of this game resemble PUBG. This game is also known by the name Peacekeeper Elite. As we all know that PUBG is that one game that simply do not need any kind of introduction because it is one of the most played game across the world. There are a lot of other games available in the store which has been inspired by this amazing battle royale game. This article is also about one such game that is based upon PUBG and the game is Game For Peace. You can understand this game as another version of PUBG which is exclusively available for all the android devices out there.

It is the kind of game where you are going to see the complete gameplay of your favourite game but just in a better version. By better version we mean that you will be getting more customisation options in order to make your game more interesting. As Game for Peace is more like a modified version of PUBG, it will be similar to it in a lot of ways. Plus it is a multiplayer game so you will be able to play along with your friends. The developers have worked so hard on this particular version that you are going to have an experience of playing on a PlayStation and Xbox.

Game For Peace APK- Download for Android | Latest Version 2020

Application NameGame For Peace (Peacekeeper Elite)
CategoryRole Playing Android Game
Latest Version 1.9.10
AuthorLightspeed & Quantum Studio
File Namegame-for-peace.apk
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 5.0 and 2GB RAM
Uploaded On09-October-2020

Game For Peace APK- Latest Features

Here are all the things that you are going to see in this game –

  • Amazing graphics – In this kind of game, graphics play a really important role. You are going to have a completely realistic experience with the amazing graphics that have been used in this game.
  • Intense battles – You will get to play all those intense battles here in this game. You are required to defend yourself from your enemies and defeat them in order to win the game.
  • 100 players at Time – It is a massively multiplayer game and you will be able to play along with around 100 players at a time.
  • Play online – Play online with all of your friends and enjoy the game with them to the fullest. You can also make your own team with your friends that will help you to defeat all of your enemies.
  • Interesting Events – The players will also get to take part in a lot of interesting events which is going to make the game highly interesting.
  • Daily Rewards – Just like any other game, here you are going to get all the exiting rewards on daily basis that will keep motivating you throughout the game.
  • Free to Play – You are not required to pay anything in order to download or play the game. This has to be the best thing as you will not see any kind of hidden cost here in this game.

Download this game now without any further delay on your android devices and start playing along with your friends.


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