Gacha Glitch 1.1.0 APK- Download| Latest Version 2022

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Are you looking for a fun game to play on your android device? Do you like playing games that feature cute characters with adorable animations and visual effects? If so, then you must try Gacha Glitch APK, an Android game developed by Lunime. The game is set in the world of Gachaverse, where players can create their own anime-like characters called Gacha. They can choose from different styles of clothing, accessories, poses, and hairstyles to create their ideal avatar.

What is Gacha Glitch?

Gacha Glitch is the latest MOD for Gacha Club, a game created by Lunime. This MOD offers you the chance to experience all of the unlockable items from Gacha Club. With this MOD, you can enjoy all the accessories for your avatars, as well as more custom options, such as clothes and hairstyles. Gacha Club has been downloaded millions of times since it was released in June 2020. It has been an incredibly popular game because it allows players to customize nearly every aspect of their avatar.

The ability to choose hairstyles and outfits, as well as additional accessories such as hats and glasses, is what makes this game unique. The Gacha Glitch MOD gives players access to many of the items that are not normally available in the base game. These include exclusive items that are only available through certain events or if you complete certain achievements.

Download Gacha Glitch APK | Latest Version 2022

Application NameGacha Glitch
CategoryGacha Club MOD
Latest Version1.1.0
Total Size122.2 MB
File NameGacha-Glitch.apk
Minimum RequirementsMin: Android 8.0 (Oreo, API 26)
Target: Android 11 (API 30)
Uploaded On01-May-2022

The most popular item that many people want to get their hands on is the rare “bling” accessory that can only be found in these events. The Gacha Glitch MOD also allows you to import and export your avatar’s data so you can easily transfer it between devices or even share it with other players on different platforms. This feature makes it possible for players who have previously played with servers from different countries to continue playing together despite having different versions of the game installed on their devices!

Gacha Glitch 2022- Main Features

Features Of Gacha Glitch MOD APK:

  • The first outstanding feature of the Gacha Glitch MOD is that it allows players to create a character and perform in an anime style.
  • All the effects in the game are very special and every particle is designed to be extremely attractive.
  • Besides, it also has a very attractive soundtrack.
  • Gacha Glitch Mod provide unlimited resources for players so that players can use it flexibly to create the desired character in your mind
  • In addition, this version also gives characters the ability to move freely through walls and floors and roam freely on both sides at will.
  • Faster gameplay and loading times.
  • No Advertising and annoying popups.

How to Install Gacha Glitch APK

  • Download the Gacha life glitch mod apk from the given link and install it.
  • Open phone settings and enable the Unknown Sources Option.
  • Now Uninstall the original Gacha life app from your android device.
  • Now open the newly installed Gacha life glitch mod apk and enjoy.

How does it work?

In Gacha Glitch, players take control of a character from one of many anime series or films. They can then use different types of gachas to create their own characters using these animes/films. The player must then defeat enemies in order to collect coins which they can use to purchase new items for their character or upgrade existing ones. There are also quests that can be completed in order to earn more coins or Gachas which are used in creating characters and upgrading items respectively.


Gacha Glitch APK offers all the unlockable items from Gachas, including dresses, tops, pants, accessories and more. All you need to do is use our MOD and then you can enjoy a new life in Blythesome Town, with all the custom outfits you want for your Blythe dolls. You can also be sure that all the items won’t disappear again since they will be permanently unlocked on your account. Once you get your hands on this MOD, there’s no going back, so take this chance and make all your dreams come true.


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