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Do you want to download the latest Funtouch OS 10 HD Stock Wallpapers for your android device right now? If yes, then you are the right location just click on the given link to grab all 10 wallpapers together.

Recently, Vivo has launched Funtouch OS 10 with Vivo X30 and X30 Pro smartphones. The latest Funtouch OS 10 is based on Android 10.0 and it has several new features, different custom skins UI, an animated lock screen, new live wallpapers and it also includes Vivo cloud service. The cloud service of Vivo will offer 5GB of free storage space and a free backup service.

All these wallpapers are in Quad HD quality and they all are having a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixel. If you want to download them individually then right-click on the given images and save them in your device otherwise you can directly download the zip folder which contains all of the 10 wallpapers.

Download Funtouch OS 10 HD Stock Wallpapers

Stock Wallpapers Funtouch OS 10
File Name Funtouch OS 10
Total Size 10.08 MB
Category Stock Wallpapers
Updated On 19-December-2019

Now let us talk about Funtouch OS 10 and some of its basic features.

As we all know that the latest version of Funtouch OS 10 is based on Android 10.0. This new update will carry a brand new minimalistic UI design and latest desktop icons as well. This time Vivo has also added animation in its lock screen and the Virtual Assistant is also improved. Like, Google, Vivo is also having its own assistant which is known as Jovi. The latest update is also having new live wallpapers, new shortcut functions for auto, a look has been given to child mode and one global search functionality is also added.

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