Find Out Who Visited Your Profile On Facebook | Want to know About FB stalkers?

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Are you worried about your privacy? Do you want to know the person who’s stalking your profile? If your answer is yes then today you are at the right place. Today our team is going to provide you with complete information about privacy and with the help of few steps, you can easily keep an eye on your stalkers.

These days, all of us are using social media to stay connected with our loved ones, friends and meet new people even if we don’t have any time to meet them in person. One of the widely used social media platform out there is Facebook where millions of people meet each other every single minute. Although it comes with a lot of amazing features but it lacks one that we all need. The feature is to know who is stalking you, Facebook doesn’t provide you information about who is stalking your account but that is something that all of us wish to know.

Even though Facebook doesn’t provide you that feature but here in this article we are going to tell you guys that how you will get to know that who is stalking you on Facebook. Here are the few simple steps to do that –

Find Out Who is Stalking Your Profile On Facebook

  • Step 1: Your first step will be to head towards on your desktop and then log in to your account if you haven’t already.
  • Step 2: Once you log in to your account, you will have to right-click anywhere on the screen to move further. When you right-click on the homepage, it will open up a menu for you. From this menu, you need to click on “View Page Source”.
  • Step 3: After clicking on the view page source, you guys will be able to view the source code of your Facebook home page. Now your next task is to search for “BUDDY_ID”. This is will tell you about different Facebook profiles of your friends who visited your profile.
  • Step 4: When you search for “BUDDY_ID”, you will be able to see a 15-digit number which is for different profiles who are friends with you on Facebook. Here you will see the Profile ID of only those users who have visited your profile.
  • Step 5: Now you won’t be able to know who the person is from this 15-digit code directly. So you need to search for them individually. To do that, you will have to first open a new tab and browse, “ ID”. Here in Profile ID, you will have to enter the 15-digit code that you got from BUDDY_ID.
  • Step 6: Now Facebook will directly take you to the profile of that person whose ID you have typed and you will be able to know who visited your profile.
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Steps to Find Out Facebook Stalkers for iOS Users

The above mentioned steps were for all the android or other users out there. For those who are iOS users, the process is quite simple as Facebook has introduced this features for the iOS users, a while ago. Here are the steps for all the iOS users out there –

  1. Here first of all you will have to download the Facebook Application on your device as this feature is only available on iOS Facebook Application. Go to the app store and download Facebook app or you can also download it with the direct link we have provided.
  2. After downloading, login to your Facebook account from the app and head towards the settings.
  3. In the settings & privacy section, you will see the option of “privacy shortcuts”, tap on that.
  4. Now you will see the option of “who viewed my profile” and here you will be able to see all those people who recently visited your profile.

Now keep an eye on all your stalkers and know which of your friend is stalking your Facebook profile with the above mentioned steps.


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