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Fer.al for Android

Online fantasy world games have become quite famous lately as these are the kind of games that gives a completely different experience of playing. You might have come across several games of this type and here we are introducing you to one of the best one out there and the game is Fer.al. This game has been developed by Wildworks and is available for multiple platforms out there. Currently, it is available for PC, Mac, Google Play, and for Apple app-store, it is available for pre-order.

Fer.al is the kind of game where you are able to create your own mythological creature and animals. You will be competing against different creatures and animals out there in the game which makes the game highly exciting for players. You will be able to experience this amazing universe along with their friends. Here the players can create their sanctuary as per their preferences and along with this, they will also be able to collect and craft several items.

Download Fer.al APK | Latest Version 2021

Application NameFer.al
Latest Version1.0
Total Size382 MB
File NameFeral.apk
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 4.0+
Uploaded On11-Feb-2021

Fer.al 2021 APK- Main Features

Here are some of the most amazing things that you guys will be able to experience in this game –

  • Create your Creature – Here the players will be creating and customising their own mythological creatures. These creatures will be highly customisable so you can keep changing their appearances like body modifications, clothing, and many other things.
  • Design your Sanctuary – Along with creating your own creatures, you guys will be able to design your sanctuary space as there will be different wallpapers, furniture, flooring, and many other things that will make it look even better. You will also be able customise these things further like changing colour and a lot more.
  • Collect Different Items – The players here can collect different items and resources that are available in the game. These items will help them to harvest and craft new items.
  • Play with Friends – You will be able to play this game along with your friends and explore different lands that are there in the game, with your friends. People will also be able to socialise here and chat with their friends while playing.
  • Exciting Challenges – Players will encounter some really exciting challenges every now and them. By completing these challenges, they will be able to unlock different rewards.
  • Expand your Collection – The players will be able to expand their collection in this game through barter and trading different items available with them.
  • Earn Rewards – By completing different challenges and task that are there in this game, the players will be able to earn some really exciting rewards.

A lot of exciting things are there in this game and the players are going to going to unlock a lot of mysterious items and crafts while playing. So don’t waste any time, download this super amazing game now.

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