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FarmVille 3 for Android

If you’re searching for an entertaining and engaging game to play on your Android phone, Farmville 3 might be an ideal choice for you. This updated and improved classic farming simulator Android game offers players a fresh and exciting experience that keeps them coming back for more. Farmville 3, a successor to Farmville 2, allows you to explore beyond the farm and collaborate with local artisans to develop your town into a thriving city. You’ll also have the opportunity to care for your animals, plant and harvest crops, and build, customize, and decorate your farm.

In Farmville 3, you can choose from a variety of breeds, each with its own unique farm goods, such as milk, eggs, bacon, or wool. Mate and raise your animals to discover new breeds and produce rare farm goods to help your village grow.

One of the main highlights of Farmville 3 is the wide variety of activities you can participate in. From breeding and raising animals to playing mini-games and unlocking exotic species, there is always something new and exciting to discover. In Farmville 3, you can also make friends and compete in seasonal events and races. Join a co-op to partake in special events and earn unique rewards, or connect with friends and other players to exchange tips, share resources, and engage in friendly competition. The game also provides various customization options, allowing you to design your ranch home with unique decorations, building styles, skins, and outfits for your farmhands and pets. With a weather system that impacts your farming strategy, careful planning is essential to ensure a bountiful harvest.

So what are you waiting for? Download Farmville 3 APK and start building your dream farm today!

Download FarmVille 3 APK

ApplicationFarmVille 3
Latest Version1.33.38805
File NameFarmVille-3.apk
File Size293.3 MB
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 6.0 (Marshmallow, API 23)
Uploaded On04-September-2023

FarmVille 3 APK- Main Features

These are the list of features of FarmVille 3-

  • Classic Farming Simulation- The app features the ability for players to grow their farms into thriving towns by working with local artisans and building various structures, contributing to their town’s growth and development.
  • Day-to-day Village Life with Animal care, crop planting, and harvesting– The app provides a realistic and engaging farming experience where players can immerse themselves in daily village activities such as tending to animals, planting and harvesting crops, and building or customizing various structures.
  • Social Interaction and Collaboration– The app features options for players to make friends, visit other farms, chat, and help each other out. Players can join Co-Ops, compete in seasonal events, and participate in races together, fostering a sense of community.
  • Animal Breeding and Unlocking New Breeds– The app provides the opportunity for players to breed various types of animals, such as chickens, horses, pigs, and cows, to unlock new and specialty breeds.
  • Customization and Design– The app features a wide range of options for players to customize their family ranch home, choose decorations, building styles, and outfits for farmhands and pets.
  • Weather-based Gameplay– The app provides a dynamic and strategic experience by incorporating weather forecasts, which players can use to their advantage when planning their crops and harvests.
  • Cooking and Recipe Unlocking– The app features a cooking system where players can unlock various recipes to create tasty food, dairy goods, oil, soy, or bread. These items can then be sold or traded with other players.
  • Specialized Farmhands– The app provides the ability for players to build a team of specialized Farmhands with various skills, such as lumberjacks or cooks. By leveling them up, players can unlock new skills and recipes to improve their farming abilities.
  • Offline Gameplay– The app features offline support and allows players to continue their farming adventures even without an internet connection and ensures the farm remains active and productive.
  • Play with Friends– The app provides opportunities for players to share their farming experiences with friends and family or make new friends within the game.
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