EZ Month Download 2022| Latest Version 1.30 [APK]

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EZ Month for Android

All the battle arena and fighting game lovers must have played Mobile Legends as it is one of the best and most popular game in this genre. The game is having a huge fan following across the world. Although the game is quite amazing, it gets a bit tricky for players at times and we wish to get one assistant or a kind of magic wand that will help us out while playing. Well, here is one app that has been specially developed for Mobile Legends and the app is EZ Month. This app is going to be your helping hand while playing this game and all the android users can easily download it on their devices.

With EZ Month, all the players are going to have access to a lot of things for which they would have to struggle a lot otherwise. Here you will be able to get those new maps, skins, and many other things easily. It provides you access to all those premium items that too without paying anything. All you need to do here is browse the menu of the app and there you will find all the items that you want and you can download them easily on your game.

Download EZ Month 2022 APK | Latest Version 1.30

Application NameEZ Month
Category Game Skins
Latest Version1.30
File NameEZ-Month.apk
Total Size9 MB
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 4.0+
Uploaded On23-August-2022

EZ Month 2022 APK- Main Features

Here are some of the most important things that this app has to offer you –

  • Free Skins– All those skins that you have been eyeing since really long for your character, are available here for free. You will have access to all those skins here, without any struggle or paying anything.
  • Free Diamonds– The diamonds that you used to get in rewards are also available here through this app. You can get all the diamonds for free and let your friends envy you for that.
  • New Maps – The app also provides you all those new maps which will help you to explore a whole wide space.
  • Drone View – This app also provides you a complete drone view to the users so that they can have a better experience. The players will be able to have a complete panorama view of the map through drone view.
  • Ranking Boosters– Here the developers of this app has also added player ranking booster to it. This will help you to play better and hold a better rank than others while playing.
  • Free Downloads – Everything that is available on this app is absolutely free to download and use, the users are not required to pay anything at all to use those things.
  • Different Avatars– To make your game more interesting, there are different avatars available that will add more fun to your game and will make it more attractive.

There are other things also that the Mobile Legends players will experience while using the app. Browse all the categories in this app to make your game better than ever before. This is the kind of app that has been built with the sole aim of improving the experience of playing. Download this app now and start using it while playing Mobile Legends on your mobile and have the best experience.

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