EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 APK- Download| Latest Version 1.11.06

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EA Sports UFC Mobile for Android

EA SPORTS™ UFC® Mobile is a new and exciting Android game that brings the real-world action of Mixed Martial Arts to your device. Developed by the renowned EA Sports company, it offers a genuine MMA gaming experience featuring famous fighters, advanced gaming controls, and a variety of weight classes. The game allows you to compete against real world-class athletes in intense, high-stakes matchups that will surely ignite your competitive spirit. One unique feature it offers is engaging live content between actual UFC events, setting it apart from other fighting games and making the world of UFC more accessible than ever.

A highlighted feature of this game is the ability to unlock your favorite fighters, level them up, and increase their strength. Each fighter boasts unique abilities that you can unlock and enhance as you progress through each level in the game. Additionally, the game offers various modes, such as Campaigns, Raids, Live and Special Events, providing the opportunity to win rewards and rise in the leaderboards.

If you’re seeking a game that can offer a comprehensive and immersive MMA experience, then EA SPORTS UFC Mobile is the perfect Android game for you. It’s a must-try for all sports enthusiasts.

Download EA SPORTS UFC Mobile APK | Latest Version 2023

Application NameEA SPORTS UFC Mobile
CategoryAndroid Game
Latest Version1.11.06
File NameEA-SPORTS-UFC-Mobile.apk
File Size93.16 MB
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21)
Uploaded On27-October-2023

EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2023 APK- Main Features

These are some of the best features of EA Sports UFC Mobile-

  • Authentic UFC Action– The game features a truly authentic UFC experience with real, world-class athletes from every weight class available for players to collect and compete against.
  • Live Content– The game offers immersive, live content that mirrors real-world UFC events and enables players to engage in the UFC world even when they’re away from the screen.
  • Fighter Leveling– The game provides a unique system where each fighter has specific abilities that increase in power as you level them up. This leads to a more dynamic and engaging gaming experience.
  • RPG Gameplay– The game features RPG elements that evolve and progress as you play, adding depth and complexity to the standard fighting game mechanics.
  • Campaigns and Special Events– The game offers opportunities to participate in Campaigns and Special Events and provides exclusive rewards and giving players more incentives to continue playing.
  • Guilds– The game features a guild system that allows players to connect with like-minded individuals, promoting social interaction and cooperative gameplay.
  • Strategic Gameplay– The game offers a strategic layer to the fights. Players need to plan carefully, select fighters intelligently, and control their abilities to secure victory in the Octagon.
  • Player Versus Player (PVP) Mode– The game features a PVP mode where players can engage in real-time battles with players from around the world, providing a competitive edge and the thrill of climbing up the leaderboards.
  • Social Features– The game features several social engagement mechanisms, such as the Social Hub and community events. These allow players to connect with friends and participate in the wider UFC community.
  • Mobile Optimization– The game offers an optimized mobile experience with intuitive controls, crisp graphics, and seamless performance. This brings the full UFC experience right to your fingertips.
  • Lifestyle Experience– The game provides more than a typical gaming experience. It offers a lifestyle experience, letting players immerse themselves fully in the world of UFC.

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