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Zapya (US) for Android

Bluetooth has become a thing of past as there are file sharing apps which has replaced Bluetooth permanently. File sharing apps are extremely useful these days and you must have gone through a lot of them. What matters the most in such apps is that they should be secure and should provide high-speed transfer. Here today we are talking about an amazing file sharing app that is Zapya. This app has been specially developed for all the android device users out there.

Herewith Zapya you are going to see a high-performance Application which you must have not tried before. You will get the high-speed transfer with the help of this app so that you can quickly transfer all of your files with other users within a few seconds. It is just a matter of a few seconds with this app. The developers have claimed that transfer speed is 100 times more than other regular file sharing apps.

Download Zapya APK | Latest Version 2024

Application NameZapya(US)
Category File Management
Latest Version 6.5.5 (US)
File NameZapya.apk
File Size22.74 MB
Uploaded On06-January-2024

Zapya 2024 APK- Main Features

Here are few features of this app which will completely change your mindset about the file-sharing app –

  • High-performance – This is one of the best features of this app as generally, this kind of app tends to get hung very often. Well, that’s not the case here as you will have extremely high performance with it.
  • Fastest file sharing – The developers of this have claimed that this app transfer files 100 times faster than most of the file sharing apps. As per this, this app is probably the fastest file sharing app for android devices.
  • Easy interface – It has been built up in a special user-friendly interface which is extremely simple so that the users will not find it tricky to use. Any one can use this app easily even with a little knowledge on any of their android device.
  • Well managed – This is a completely well managed app where you will see a separate section for everything. There will be a separate section for images, another one for music and similarly many others for all kind of files. With this you won’t have to search for anything all over the app.
  • Group sharing – It will also give you a feature of group sharing as you can easily create a group of all the users with whom you want to share any file. After creating group you can share any file with them.
  • In-built multimedia player – Not only a file sharing app as here you will also get an in-built multimedia player which will help you to play any video, music or watch photos within this app only.

This is one of the best file sharing app that android users must not have tried before. Use this app for a convenient and a faster file sharing experience ever. Download it now and start sharing.

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