WhatsApp Plus 20.90.01 APK- Download| Latest Update 2024

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Download WhatsApp Plus APK | Latest Version 2024

Application NameWhatsapp Plus APK
Developed byRafalete
Latest Version20.90.01
File Size84 MB
File Namewhatsapp-plus.apk
Minimum Android RequiredAndroid 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16)
Uploaded On02-December-2023

WhatsApp Plus for Android

Whatsapp Plus is one of the most popular modified WhatsApp APK. It has various customizable features and you can customize your Whatsapp completely with the help of this app. The app is also known by the name Whatsapp+ Blue it was first released in the year 2012 and it was developed by Spanish developer Rafalete. Whatsapp Plus is one of the most stable versions of Whatsapp that has been developed with great care. This Application has been developed on the basis of the basic WhatsApp Application, even the package name of this Application is the same as the original one. In Blue Plus, you can hide the last scene and change the basic fonts and even users can change the colour of the interface of the Application according to their own will.

As we all know that among all the social messaging apps out there, WhatsApp is the one that the majority of people are using. The reason being the convenience and amazing features that it provides you but still at times we feel that it lacks some features that are necessary for many users out there. That’s why people tend to move towards the modified ones as they provide tonnes of amazing features which are not available in the official app. And one of the best mod app for WhatsApp is WhatsApp Plus which is highly compatible with all android devices be it a rooted or a non-rooted one.

WhatsApp Plus is the kind of Application that comes with some really amazing features and huge customization options. This is basically meant to provide you with a completely personalised experience with all those features which you wanted to have in the official app but was unable to get. When it comes to the best-modified app for WhatsApp, it is WhatsApp Plus only and this is major because of its stability and security features. It is going to keep your privacy at the utmost priority and the best thing is that the users don’t need to worry about getting banned from the official app as it comes with this special Anti-Ban feature.

When you will install or update this version you will get excellent features and you will fall in love with these features. This new update is now having video calling option, Hiding last seen, Hiding Blue Ticks/Grey Ticks, Hiding Typing and recording status in group chats and many more features. The previous version of this app was banned by the officials but this is anti-ban version. The Application will work on the following smartphones Samsung, Nokia, Moto, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, Sony etc. Now let us know about this Application in detail.

WhatsApp Plus 2024 APK- Main Features

Now let’s talk about features because this is the main reason why people use modified apps, right? Well, it offers all those amazing features that you can ever imagine to have in a social messaging app, here are a few of those –

  • Interesting Themes – Ever since WhatsApp came into existence, we are seeing only one theme and people are really getting bored of it. This is when WhatsApp Plus comes for a rescue as it offers some really interesting and attractive themes for you guys. You can choose among 750+ themes according to your preference and it is going to change the overall appearance of the app.
  • New Emojis – Emojis are something that helps us all to be more expressive while we are chatting with someone. Although we already get tonnes of amazing emojis in WhatsApp but who doesn’t like something extra. Here, we will be having 1000+ new Emojis that we haven’t seen anywhere. These emojis are going to make all of your chats more interesting, interactive and expressive. This is something that we all can not miss out at any cost.
  • Hide Last Seen – Last seen is one of the most useful feature that WhatsApp has introduced as it helps the users to know when the person was last active or online. Although WhatsApp allow us to hide our last seen but it then hide other’s last seen as well. This means that you won’t be able to see when someone was last online. However, when it comes to WhatsApp Plus, you guys will be able to see the last seen of other people even when yours is hidden.
  • Automatic Reply – Automatic Reply is the feature which you must have seen in WhatsApp business account. With the help of this feature, one can easily send automatic replies to anyone when they are busy or not able to text back. But the problem is that this feature is available in WhatsApp Business account and not the normal one. So, the developers of WhatsApp Plus has added this amazing features to it which is going to make a lot of things easy for you all.
  • Advanced File Sharing Options – WhatsApp Plus has been designed in such a way that allows you guys to easily edit the file sharing options. This helps you guys to easily set the quality or size of the file that you sent to anyone out there. It allows you to send files up to 100 MB which is highly convenient for others.
  • HD Video Calling – Although all the WhatsApp version provides the feature of video calling any of your content but the major problem is the quality here which gets quite irritating at times. Now with this modified version of WhatsApp, you guys can easily do video calls with any of your contact at free of cost. This is going to improve the overall experience of video calling.
  • Hide Blue Ticks – A while ago, WhatsApp has introduced this feature of blue ticks which helps everyone to know when someone has seen their message. Although it is quite a good feature but it tends to get irritating a lot of times, specially when we don’t want to reply someone’s text. This is when WhatsApp Plus comes for rescue as it allow you guys to easily hide the blue ticks. You can easily hide these blue ticks whenever you want and then enable them accordingly.
  • High-Resolution Image Sharing – You guys must have experienced that whenever we share pictures on WhatsApp, they tend to loose its quality and it might get really disappointing at times. With this amazing mod app, you guys will be able to share pictures in high-resolution which is meant to make everything really very convenient for the users. Now you don’t have to worry about loosing the quality of image while sending them to any of your contacts on WhatsApp.
Emojis of Whatsapp plus
  • Anti-Ban – Usually it has been seen that these modified apps tend to get banned from the official apps because these apps are not legal and any official app does not allow such apps. Here the best thing is that you don’t need to worry about banning as this app comes with this special anti-ban feature which is a really cool feature.

There are a lot of other features as well which the users are going to enjoy while using WhatsApp Plus. It is the kind of mod app that will completely replace the original one. It is also opening doors for a lot of customization which will help you all to get quite a familiar experience of playing.

How to download/Install WhatsApp Plus 2024 APK?

Now, for all those who are wondering that how they can download this mod app on their android devices and then use it, here we are going to provide a few simple steps to do so –

  1. The first step here is to obviously take the backup of your original WhatsApp account. This is because you will have to delete the original one from your device before using the modified one. So, always take complete backup so that you don’t loose any of your important data.
  2. Now as you’ve taken the backup, your next step is to download WhatsApp Plus on your device. You can click on the link that we have provided you to download it as this will prevent you from getting confused with numerous of other fake websites out there.
  3. As you’ve downloaded WhatsApp Plus, your next process is to install it on to your device. But before this, you are required to uninstall the official app because only then you will be able to install this modified one.
  4. Now go to the downloaded apk file of WhatsApp Plus and open it. As soon as you open it, it will ask you for your contact number. It will follow the similar steps, just like the original one and then it will be successfully installed on to your android device. You don’t need to do anything else as you are all set to explore all those amazing features that this mod app has to offer you.

Despite being a modified app, WhatsApp Plus has been designed in such a way that you won’t feel any need of using the original app ever. You will completely get used to it and the best thing is that the app is updated very regularly. Now this simply means that it will keep on adding some amazing features every now and then which you are going to enjoy to the fullest. Now, what are you waiting for? Download the apk file now on your android devices and have the best experience of using WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions About Whatsapp Plus

How to Install and Update Whatsapp Plus?

If you install the latest version of plus then you have to follow these steps. And if you want to just update the old version then you have download the latest apk packed from the above-downloaded link and it will automatically update your old version. Installation of this Application is very easy and you have to remove the original WhatsApp Messenger.
1. Take Backup of WhatsApp data, so that you can easily restore that data in future.
Check internet connectivity and the phone battery level should be above 30%.
Download WhatsApp Plus APK file from the above-provided download link.
2. Click on Settings, then tap on Chats and click Backup. Within a few minutes, your backup process will be completed.
3. Uninstall the official version of WhatsApp Application. 
4. Now open the downloaded apk file whatsappplus.apk. After installing this Application open it.
5. Now, your work is to verify your mobile no. and register your existing account no.
 Now restore your data and enter the name and choose your profile picture.

Is Whatsapp Plus Legal?

Using a mod is not legal. So this mod is also not legal but it works very smoothly because it’s developed from the original Application. It’s 100% safe and secure. Generally, mods are not legal because they use private servers to store your personal data. They are not linked with the original Application. Overall we can say that they are unique.

How to Unban your Number from Whatsapp Plus?

1. Download the new version.
2. Take the chat backup and uninstall the old version and delete the complete data from settings.
3. Then install the Application.
4. Disable auto-update option from playstore because it’s using the same package name as the original one.
5. Don’t use tick hidings & hide online status features.

For more information and latest updates stay tuned with GN Radar.

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