Download Orbot 2021 APK- Tor for Android | Latest Version 16.4.0


Orbot for Android

These days, we all have become completely used to browsing only and we tend to search almost anything and everything. But with such a rapid increase in digital technologies, you must have experienced that there is a huge increase in cyber crimes as well. This is the reason why people are trying out safer alternatives and here a safer alternative is a private browser. You must have come across a lot of them till now and here we are introducing you to a really amazing one that is Orbot. It has been widely called Tor on android as this app is more like an android version of Tor which helps you to browse the internet safely.

As people are getting more concerned about their privacy day by day, it is very necessary for them to be very careful while browsing online. Orbot will help you to protect your privacy to a very great extent while browsing online. You will also be able to choose the app on which you wish to choose Orbot services. It will also prevent any third party to track you online which will prevent all the malicious activities that most of people have been trying to do.

Download Orbot: Tor for Android APK | Latest Version 2021

Application NameOrbot: Tor for Android 
CategoryPrivate Browser for Android
Latest Version 16.4.0-RC-1-tor-
Total Size60.18 MB
File NameOrbot.apk
Minimum RequirementsMin: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16)
Target: Android 10 (Q, API 29)
Uploaded On20-March-2021

Orbot 2021: Tor for Android- Main Features

It comes along with some really amazing features and some of the best ones are –

  • Protects Privacy– This is one of the most important feature of this app as it is majorly focused on protecting privacy. Your privacy is completely safe with this app and there is not any chance that it will get compromised while you browse online.
  • Prevents Tracking– Orbot has been designed in such a way that it will prevent all the third party apps and websites from tracking you. This will help you to prevent any kind of cyber crime because no one will be able to track you when you are browsing online.
  • Bounce Traffic– The app helps to keep your privacy intact by bouncing the entire traffic a lot of times, which is generally directly connected.
  • IP Address Protection– Orbot comes with all the prime features which you won’t get easily and one such feature is IP address protection. It will protect your IP address and no one will be able to track it at any cost.
  • Fast Speed– Along with all other features, it will also increase your browsing speed to a very great extent. You will experience a great surge in speed of all the apps that you have been using through Orbot.
  • Free to Use– Now this has to be the best thing about this app as it is available at free of cost. You do not have to pay even a single penny to use all the amazing features of this app which are not possible to get free anywhere else.
  • Easy User Interface– There is no use of any app which gets pretty difficult to use and by keeping this thing in mind, the developers of Orbot have developed this app with a special user friendly interface which makes it super easy to use. Anyone with a slightest knowledge of using apps can easily use this app without facing any kind of difficulty.

There is a lot more than this that the users will get to explore while using this app. So what are you waiting for?! Download this app now and start using Orbot to protect your privacy while surfing internet.

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