How to Install Custom ROM on OnePlus 3 Based on Android Nougat


Here is one good news for all OnePlus 3 users, now they can download and install different Custom ROM’s like Nexus users. Now OnePlus 3 will support and it can run on its own custom ROM. If you have a good technical hand and you want to enjoy some more features and wants to access some restricted applications then this could be the best option for you.

After rooting your android phone users can do lots of things like manual customization. There are different types of Custom ROM’s like CyanogenMod, Ressurection Remix, Citrus etc. Today our team member have provided five custom ROM’s and these are based on Android Nougat.

 Available Custom ROMs for download| OnePlus 3 ROMs

Here is a list of particular software which you all have to install in your android smartphone. 

If you are using MAC then use- 

  • Extract the Android zip file.
  • Open Terminal
  • Type cd file location(where you have unzip Android zip file)/Android
  • The enter ./ command.

These are few steps which you have to follow to unlock your bootloader. (Go step by step)

Step 1: Install ADB software in your device.
Step 2: Open settings and then go to build number and tab 7 times, to open developer options.
Step 3: Now again open settings then go to developer option and turn on the OEM unlocking to enable.
Step 4: Now enable USB debugging.
Step 5: Then run ‘Command prompt’ on your PC. (Press Shift + right click to open Command Prompt)
Step 6: Type -> “Adb devices” and “ADB reboot bootloader”

Step 7: Now your phone will enter into fast-boot mode. Type “Fastboot devices” and “Fastboot OEM unlock” inside command prompt window

Step 8: Now tab ‘Yes’ by holding the power button after navigating using volume keys, when it display’s unlock the bootloader.
Step 9: Once unlocked, reboot your device by typing “fastboot reboot” on command prompt

You have successfully unlocked your OnePlus 3’s bootloader.

Steps to install TWRP recovery

Step 1: Install ADB software on your PC/Laptop
Step 2: Enable developer option on your phone by tapping build number 7 times
Step 3: Go to developer option and turn on the OEM unlocking to enable
Step 4: Enable USB debugging
Step 5: Now open ‘Command prompt’ on your PC (Shift + right click)
Step 6: Type

“Adb devices”
“Adb reboot bootloader”

Step 7: Your device will enter into fastboot mode. Now type “Fastboot devices”, “Fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.0.2-1.28-oneplus3.img ” and “Fastboot reboot”

After 7th step, TWRP will automatically installed.

The Next Step is to flash ROM

Please notice that your advanced reboot option is enabled as it was mentioned. Now follow the following steps.

Step 1: Download the required ROM file and Gapps from the provided links and copy it in your device.
Step 2: Now Reboot your device to recovery mode.(Tab power button)
Step 3: Now for security take backup of your current ROM with backup option available in TWRP. (Current ROM backed up)
Step 4: Now Wipe data/factory reset
Step 5: Now press install and choose the downloaded ROM package which you have decided to install in your device. (the file will be available inside internal storage)
Step 6: Now install Gapps (which is based on Android 7) by following Step 4
Step 4: Then reboot your phone.[Now the phone will take around 10 to 15 minutes]

Disclaimer: This is a highly technical process so it should be performed by an expert and we are not responsible for any damage or loss caused to your OnePlus 3.

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