Granny Horror 1.8.1 APK- Download | Latest Version 2023

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Granny Horror for Android

Mostly all of the horror movies fans get excited with the kind of plot and arrangement that is present in Hollywood movies. Well, if you can experience that threat and horror in a game!! Yes, that’s right, here is an android game where you can experience all of this. The name of the game is Granny and it’s a horror video mobile game where users have to play very smartly for his escape. It has been developed by developers that is a Swedish video game developer company. This game is compatible with all the existing Android phones, iOS devices and a PC version has also been released so that you can have all the fun on your PC also.

The gameplay of the game goes like this – The player will be locked up in an old house which he doesn’t recognize and never been there before. There will be a ghost that is Granny that is searching for you and you have to explore the house and find different items which will help you to escape from that haunted house. You will be having five days to escape from that house for your survival. There will be so many difficulties and challenges which will come along your way while exploring the house and at times you will have to hide from granny. Your main task will be hiding from granny and get out of that house.

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Download Granny Horror APK | Latest Version 2023

GameGranny Horror
File Namegranny.apk
Version Name1.8.1
File Size146.62 MB
Minimum Requirements Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API 16)
Uploaded On25-August-2023

Granny Horror 2023 APK- Main Features

Here are some of the exciting features of Granny Horror game:

  • Amazing Graphics – The game comes with amazing graphics which is going to add a lot more fun for you while playing. You will be having a real like experience while playing the game.
  • Different Weapons and tools – You will have to find different tools and weapons that will help you throughout the game. There will be some tools which will help you to escape from that house and there will be some weapons to attack the granny to stop her for a while.
  • Different Levels – There are total five different levels of difficulty that are there in the game. These levels are practice, easy, normal, hard and extreme. You will be passing these stages and the more difficulties you will face, the more you will get rewarded.

You just have to keep this thing in mind that Granny is keeping an eye on you everytime and you have to hide from her. There will be many different places that are provided there like you can hide inside the wardrobe or under the bed. Just find a safe place for you and protect yourself.

This game is going to take you on an ultimate adventure. If you are daring enough to take the risk of being in that house and face those problem then go download this game and start playing.


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