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Google Maps are the best product of Google so far. The maps are very helpful in our daily life. Now you do not need to worry about directions, being in a new city or about your locality because it’s all there in Google Map. Google Map is not just about getting direction its lot more than we think. The features available by Google Map will make you understand the power of Google Map. The combination of maps and AI has made Google advanced advance and powerful. Have you tried Google Maps? Try it and experience it. There are few features listed below.

Download Google Maps APK | Latest Version 2020

Application  Google Maps
File Name googlemaps.apk
Total Size 37.44 MB
Latest Version  10.50.1
Minimum Android Version Required Min: Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21)
Target: Android 10 (Q, API 29)
Update Year 09-September-2020
MD5 756fac6a17095303e8c9bb2154dc5656

Google Maps Latest Update – New Added Features

  • The Tilt View button in Google Map provides an awesome feature of giving its users 3-dimensional view of any place whichever they want or any landmark. This feature can only be accessed by using the Desktop.
  • Google Maps keep themselves updated, now wherever you go you do not have to worry about your locality, this application will help you with just one click. It will discover all the places for you. There is a special tab for the users that is For You tab this amazing feature will let you know about the location and area of your neighbourhood.
  • The Google Map has got some advance feature as you can simply go to any place with your friends and beforehand you can just click on that place and share it with them. Now they can easily vote for that place whether they are in for that place or not.
  • Google Map works only when you have an Internet connection but worry not now you can save your maps and can access them easily when there is no network or you want to save your data.
  • Google Maps can allow you to travel back in time. Really it is true now through google maps you can get the historical view of any street and building, the small clock present above your screen will give you the past view of the street or any other place.
  • You can keep track of your travel through Google Maps. Yes you can go to the history and see wherever you went through Google Map, this will provide you the data of days, months and years. This is so cool.
  • Now you can easily book your flight tickets and see through the timing of the flights and fare. You can see the estimated time for your trip.
  • Google maps let you know about the various destinations. Yes now before planning any trip you can add multiple destinations and find the summary of your trip through Google map.
  • You can save the address which you use the most in Google Maps like your home or office address so that you do not have to re-enter it. The Google Map will help you to set the default address.
  • You can easily get directions of any place wherever you want to by Google Map. Yes, you do not have to worry about directions and losing your way to any place. Google Map will guide you easily.
  • There are so many features available of Google Maps you cannot resist yourself from using it. Its fun as well as such a useful application by Google. Download and update your Google maps.

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