GBWhatsApp Download 2023| Latest Update 19.52.5 [APK]

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If you want to download the latest and official update of GBWhatsApp 2023 APK right now, then you can get it from the given link. This is the original APK file which has been extracted from the official developer HeyMods website. The APK file has Anti Ban feature so now the WhatsApp officials will not ban your account and you can use it safely.

GBWhatsApp for Android

GBWhatsApp is a highly popular modified version of WhatsApp for Android, with over a million users worldwide. It is well-loved for its Internet video/audio calling capabilities, free instant messaging, and global connectivity. This modified application has transformed communication, making it both easy and engaging. While there are many mods available, GBWhatsApp stands out as the best option based on its popularity and features. The transition from WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp is seamless, allowing users to switch without losing any previous chat history.

Download GBWhatsApp APK – Latest Version 2023

Total Downloads 95,000,000+
Latest Version19.52.5
App Size69.9 MB
Last Updated1 Hour Ago

Descarga gratis el APK de GBWhatsApp 2023 desarrollado por HeyMods.

This APK will work in Spain and other countries like France, UK, USA, Germany, Poland, Hong Kong, and other European courntires. And this APK is developed by HeyMods.

Note: The above-provided version is the latest released 2023 APK of the GBWhatsapp Application. If the latest version is not running on your device then you can also download the previous versions of this application.

If download doesn’t start automatically then you have to check your Wifi or Mobile networks because the internet is mandatory to download this application. And after downloading the app you have to provide you gallery access to the app.

Modified apps are currently in vogue, as they offer a wealth of impressive features not found in official apps. One of the most popular apps to have multiple modified versions is WhatsApp, with GBWhatsApp being the standout choice. With over one million active users, GBWhatsApp has made a substantial impact. Additionally, it is compatible with all Android devices, eliminating any compatibility concerns.

GBWhatsApp 2023 Feb APK

Along with all the amazing features which are already in the official WhatsApp, it is going to provide you with those rare features which you won’t be able to find anywhere else. There are a lot of features that we think that WhatsApp should add but it doesn’t because of its policy. So, here we are with GBWhatsApp that is going to solve all of your problems. The best thing is that you don’t have to especially root your device to use this app. It works perfectly well on both rooted as well as the non-rooted devices.

GB Whatsapp Features

GBWhatsApp 2023 APK- Main Features

The major purpose of GBWhatsApp is to help you guys to make customization which will give you a quite personalised experience. You will be able to manage thing according to your preference and this is why the modified apps are the best ones. Here are some of the most amazing features that this mod app is going to provide you which you usually don’t get in the official one –

  • Hide Last Seen– Last Seen is the feature that allows us to see when someone was last online on WhatsApp. Although it is quite a nice feature sometimes we wish that if we can hide it from some people. Official app do provide the feature to hide last seen but that is applied to all the contacts. Now, if you wish to hide your last seen from few contacts then you are all sorted here. This app will help you to select the contacts with whom you would like to share your last seen and others won’t be able to see it.
  • Send Apk Files– WhatsApp is well known for sharing various files and documents with people which makes things quite convenient for everyone. Although it allows you to share various files and documents, it doesn’t allow to share any apk files. To solve this problem of yours, GBWhatsApp is here as it will allow you to share any apk file that you want with your contacts.
  • Send 50 MB Video– This is the feature that we all have been wanting to have since really long. Whenever you share any video on WhatsApp, you must have experienced that it doesn’t allow us to send videos which are bigger than 16 MB in size because this is the limit that has been set by the official app. However, here you won’t face any such issue as this mod app provides you the freedom to send up to 50 MB video to anyone you want, which is really cool!
  • Send 90 Images– When we share photos with our friends or anyone else through WhatsApp, you must have experienced that we are unable to choose more than 30 images at a time. This is because WhatsApp allows you to send only 30 images in one go and this thing gets quite irritating at times. As far as GBWhatsApp is considered, it allows you to share 90 images at a time which is 3x more than what we have in the official app. This is one of those feature which gets quite useful when we have to share pictures in bulk.
  • Send 100 MB Audio Clip– Well this doesn’t stop only to videos and images, it has increased the limit for audio clips as well. Earlier, we were able to send only 16MB audio clip to any of our contact however, with GBWhatsApp, this number has been increased to 100. Now you can share the audio clip of up to 100 MB, easily to any of your contact.
  • Copy Status– Sometimes it happens that we like someone’s status way too much and wish to copy that but the official does not allow us to do so. That’s why this mod app is here as it will allow you to easily copy anyone’s status you want without letting them know about it.
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  • Hide Blue Tick– Whenever we are using any such apps, our privacy is the utmost priority and we simply don’t want to compromise that with anything. Although we don’t have much privacy centric features on the official WhatsApp but this what mod app has been made for, right? GBWhatsApp allows you guys to hide the blue tick from your messages so that the sender will not be able to know whether you’ve seen their message or not. This is one of those features which is going to be really very useful for you guys.
  • Support External Music Player– GBWhatsApp also supports external video or media player which helps the users to watch videos in any media player of their choice. This way, it is going to make things really very comfortable and convenient for the users who tend to stick to one app only.
  • New Emojis and Gif– As mod apps are being used for providing some amazing customization options to the users, here also you are going to get many of them. Along with other interesting things, you will also have access to a whole new set of emojis and gif that you can use in your chats. This is going to make it even more interesting.

With all the highlighted features, you now have a clear understanding of how GBWhatsApp operates and the benefits it offers. GBWhatsApp is the kind of app that can completely replace the official app once you start using it, due to its superior features. It is also ideal for those who place a high priority on privacy. Download the app on your Android device to discover more about it.

How to Install GBWhatsapp APK File on Any Mobile

The most frequently asked question is how to download and install this app on your device. We’ve got you covered with these simple, straightforward steps to make the process effortless for you

  1. Download the GBWhatsApp file on your Android device by clicking on the provided link.
  2. Go to device settings.
  3. Enable “Unknown Sources” from the settings.
  4. Find the downloaded GBWhatsApp file in the downloads section and tap on it to start the installation process.
  5. Take a backup of your data from the original WhatsApp before uninstalling it.
  6. Register your phone number on the mod app.
  7. Start using GBWhatsApp with its added features.

Here are some frequently asked questions about GBWhatsapp. If you encounter any other issues, feel free to reach out to us through our contact page or you can comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions About About GBWhatsApp

Is GBWhatsApp available on the Google Play Store?

GBWhatsapp is not available on the Google Play Store because it is a third-party app and Google Play Store prohibits the sale of such apps. As a modified version of Whatsapp, GBWhatsapp is not officially endorsed by the store.

Is GBWhatsapp safe?

GBWhatsapp is considered secure to use as it provides a secure platform for users. Additionally, the support service is excellent and places a strong emphasis on maintaining customer privacy and information.

Can I use the Same phone number for my Second Account?

No, it is not possible.

How can Apply Another theme?

To change the theme in GBWhatsApp, go to the Settings/Downloads/Themes section. There is a wide selection of themes available, with new ones added frequently. The themes are compatible with previous versions, so there is no need to update to access a specific theme.

What does Anti-ban GB WhatsApp?

The previous version of GBWhatsapp had a bug that caused accounts of users to be banned by WhatsApp. However, this issue has now been resolved and the app is now known as Antiban GBWhatsapp, ensuring a secure and ban-free experience for users.


Hence its proved that the official GBWhatsApp is one of the best existing Whatsapp Modified applications. The application is awesome and it has lots of amazing features. GN Radar always tries to provide its using the latest versions of the application so always stay tuned with us if you are using this application. Remember you have daily check for the updates so that officials cannot ban your ID’s. If possible don’t use your main number in this application because Afterall it’s a modified so you have to be careful therefore instead of using your main phone number try to use your alternative numbers.

For more information and the latest updates stay tuned with GN Radar.



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