Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 APK Download

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We all simply love playing strategy video games and there are a lot of such games in the market these days but here I am talking about the most amazing one that Clash of Clans. It has been out the favourite game since the time of its release and by know it has become so popular that almost everybody must have played this game at least ones. Today’s article is about an amazing update of this game that is Town Hall 13 and trust me you really gonna love it!

Town Hall 13 Update

Here is a little introduction to this version so that you will have a basic idea about it:

Well, the topmost thing is the change in the theme! This is that one thing that excites us every-time we got an update of anything. There will be a lot of exciting features in this update that you must have not seen before at it has been upgraded to another level to give you the ultimate experience whiles playing. There will be a lot more challenges also that you will be facing this time and trust me it is one of that thing that will keep you curious throughout the game.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 APK

Game Clash of Clans
File Nameclash-of-clans-13-0-25.apk
File Size129.52 MB
Latest Version13.0.25
Minimum Requirements Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16)
Update 2020

Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 Latest APK- Main Features

Here are a few features that you’ll find in this update-

  • Interesting theme – Well, the theme that you are going to find out in this update is “Dark Elixir and Ice”. In this theme, everything will be on a darker side which is something very unique in this update.
  • Giga inferno – As you have seen Giga Tesla in Town Hall 12, here you will see that Giga inferno has been activated in this update. This will help you to target even better. It will be levelled from time to time.
  • Protect yourself – You will also be able to protect yourself from the attackers with the help of Eternal tower. It will not only help you to protect yourself, it will also help you to defend yourself by attacking your enemies.
  • Different champions – Here in this update you will see a lot of different champions which were not there in the earlier versions. You can team up with them to increase your capability to defeat the enemy.
  • Amazing skills – The champions and different characters that you will encounter here will be possessing some unique skills and abilities which will help you out throughout your game.
  • Excellent defence – Here you will encounter the most amazing defence ever and in Town Hall 13, a lot of new options have also been included in it to make in even more better.

There are many other things also like customisations and a lot of improvements which you will see here and a lot or things have not been revealed yet so stay updated with us to know more about it and wait for its release as it is expected to be released very soon.

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