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Do you want to play a game that can kill your time, reduce stress and make you happy? If so, Chronicle of Infinity is the best choice for you. Chronicle of Infinity is a Role Playing Game (RPG) with an attractive storyline. The game offers stunning graphics and an excellent sound system. You will be able to enjoy the game in 3D mode with amazing effects. If you want to download Chronicle of Infinity’s latest APK right now, then click on the given download link.

Download Chronicle of Infinity 2024 APK | Latest Version 1.3.3

Application NameChronicle of Infinity
CategoryRole Playing Game
File NameCoI.apk
File Size1292.54 MB
Minimum Android RequiredAndroid 4.4+ (Kitkat, API 19)
Uploaded On08-May-2022

Chronicle of Infinity for Android

Chronicle of Infinity is a free Role Playing Android Game that you can download from the our store for free It is a very good game, with beautiful graphics and a fun gameplay. The game features multiple worlds, each with its own enemies and bosses. You will have to travel through them to find the source of the evil that is spreading over the world, fighting against enemies with different weapons and using magical powers. Chronicle of Infinity also has an interesting story, which will keep you playing until the end.

The gameplay of Chronicle of Infinity is quite simple: you move around a world map fighting against enemies and exploring new areas. When you enter an area, you must defeat all enemies present there before moving on to another area or returning to the world map. Each world has its own enemies, which are stronger than those in other worlds but still easy enough to beat if you have enough experience points (XP).

Chronicle of Infinity also offers several types of weapons with which you can attack your enemies. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages: some are faster than others while others deal more damage per hit but have less range; some are more effective against certain types of enemies while others are better against others etc.. You can improve your weapons by upgrading them. The weapon system is similar in Chronicle of Infinity to the one in the original game. There are different types of weapons (swords, axes, maces, bows etc) and they can be upgraded to increase their power or speed. The amount of damage dealt by a weapon depends on its level and the quality of its material.

In addition to the main storyline there are also many side quests that allow you to obtain new items or improve your character attributes (strength, agility etc.). These quests can be found all over the world map and each one has its own unique storyline.


The Astral Alliance was founded by the powerful Astral Lord. The Astral Alliance has been fighting against the Obsidian Army for a long time, and had finally found a way to defeat them. But they didn’t expect that the Obsidian Army would use their last resort, which was to invade Astrapolis and destroy the Astral Alliance.

In order to fend off this attack and prevent the destruction of Astrapolis, the Astral Alliance is summoning a powerful Alliance Guardian. You, a Guardian, responded to the call and arrived at Astrapolis. There are many battles ahead of you; fight with your allies against the Obsidian Army and save Astrapolis from destruction!

The main gameplay consists of two phases:

  • In the first phase, you need to defeat as many enemies as possible in order to earn experience points (XP) and gold coins. You can also find loot chests which contain items that can be used for upgrading your heroes’ skills or weapons.
  • In the second phase, you will be able to upgrade your hero by spending the XP and gold coins earned during the first phase. This is done through an extensive crafting system which allows you to craft everything from weapons and armor to potions and gems!

Types of Weapon Upgrade

you can choose one of the following upgrades:

  • Damage – this will increase the amount of damage dealt by each hit with this weapon
  • Attack Speed – this will increase the speed at which you can attack with this weapon (the number next to it is how many hits per second it allows)
  • Range – this will increase the distance at which you can hit an enemy with this weapon (the number next to it is how many tiles away from them it allows)
  • Accuracy – this will increase the chance that each shot hits an enemy instead of missing or hitting a wall or other obstacle

Types of Gems available in Chronicle of Infinity:

There are three different types of gems available in Chronicle of Infinity:

  • The normal gems which can be bought at the shop for a reasonable price and give a small bonus to one or several stats on your equipment
  • The rare gems which can be found during your travels and will give a bigger bonus to one or several stats on your equipment
  • The legendary gems which can only be found in chests or by defeating an enemy who dropped it after being defeated (you will know if there is a legendary gem on the floor because there will be a sound effect when you walk over it)

Features of Chronicle of Infinity APK

  • Chronicle of Infinity is a retro-style RPG that features pixel art graphics and an 80s soundtrack.
  • Randomly generated dungeons – each playthrough is different!
  • No two heroes are alike – each hero has their own unique set of skills and equipment!
  • Collect powerful relics – equip your heroes with legendary artifacts that can change the tide of battle!
  • Choose your path on an epic journey through a world where the choices you make affect everything around you!
  • Tons of secrets to uncover, including hidden areas full of monsters, treasure, and more!
  • Build your kingdom – construct buildings to unlock new resources and benefits for your heroes!


Chronicle of Infinity is an excellent, entry-level RPG on Android. Fans of the genre will find it to have a familiar yet enjoyable gameplay experience, and all players will find it to be an easy game to pick up and enjoy. NEOCRAFT LIMITED has hit its mark with this release, offering a solid RPG for the Android gaming community. Fans of the genre should look no further than Chronicle of Infinity. It’s now available in our Store too. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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