Car Launcher APK- Download| Latest Version 2024

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Download Car Launcher 2024 APK

Application NameCar Launcher
File NameCar-Launcher.apk
File Size22.43 MB
Android Auto SupportAvailable ✅
Multiple Device SupportAvailable ✅
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21)
Latest update01-January-2024

Car Launcher for Android

The Car Launcher App is one of the most popular and intuitive launcher apps for cars. It transforms your Android phone into a car-friendly interface. This app stands out because it turns your Android phone or tablet into a user-friendly command center in your car. The app is compatible with Android-based car radios and offers seamless integration with your vehicle’s system. The launcher places all your essential apps in one place. It lets you add your favorite apps to the main screen for quick access. You can also organize these apps into folders. This is a premium feature that comes with an addon.

The main highlight of this app is its ability to display real-time data such as current speed and distance traveled. It uses GPS data to provide accurate information on your main screen. It also displays average speed, total driving time, and your acceleration patterns. This app is more than just a launcher. It includes a full list of your applications, sorted in various ways, such as by name, installation date, or update date. The onboard computer is another key feature. It gives detailed insights into your driving patterns, like your maximum speed and time to accelerate from 0 to 60 km/h. The app also offers a lot of customization features. You can change the interface’s appearance to suit your taste. Choose from different themes, adjust text colors, and set your wallpaper. The premium version of the app is paid and offers many more features. It supports system widgets and allows adding additional screens. This version provides deeper customization with more widgets and editing options.

So, if you’re looking for an app that offers easy access to your apps, detailed driving data, or a customizable interface while driving, consider downloading the Car Launcher App.

Car Launcher 2024 APK- Main Features

The app offers lots of unique features and here are the few of the best ones-

  • Main Launcher – This feature allows you to set the Car Launcher App as the main launcher when pressing the HOME button.
  • Quick Start Applications – The app offers the ability to add multiple applications for quick access on the home screen. You can also organize these apps into folders for easy access.
  • Editable Applications – This feature allows you to edit the applications you’ve chosen for quick access.
  • Display Speed and Distance – The app provides real-time display of your current speed and distance traveled, along with other data, based on GPS.
  • Quick Access to All Apps – The app offers a menu for quick access to all installed applications with sorting options by name, installation date, or update date.
  • Onboard Computer – This feature allows you to access a slide menu with an onboard computer that shows various vehicle statistics, including speed and distance traveled.
  • Customizable Display – The app provides options to customize how and for what period data like speed and distance are displayed, along with the choice between miles or kilometers.
  • Automatic Start – This feature allows the app to automatically start when the car’s radio system device is turned on.
  • Customizable Themes – The app offers a selection of three default screen themes and supports third-party themes for further customization.
  • Music Player Support – The app provides support for third-party music players, including display of cover art.
  • Icon Packs – This feature allows you to use third-party icon packs to personalize the look of your applications.
  • Weather and Location Info – The app offers real-time weather updates and location information when connected to the Internet.
  • Customizable Startup Image – This feature allows you to choose an image that appears when starting the program.
  • Text and Wallpaper Customization – The app provides options for customizing the color of texts and wallpapers.
  • Automatic Screen Brightness – This feature allows the screen brightness to adjust automatically based on the time of day.
  • Customizable Screen Saver – The app offers a customizable screen saver with different designs, fonts, date formats, and more.

For the paid version:

  • Additional Screens – This feature allows you to have access to a larger number of additional screens for customization.
  • Theme Editing – The app offers extensive options to edit themes, including resizing, deleting, relocating, and adding actions to widgets.
  • Extended Widget Set – This feature allows you to use an expanded set of widgets specifically designed for Car Launcher.
  • Custom Application Settings – The app provides settings to customize the application grid, including scrolling, number of applications, and layout.
  • Logo Customization – This feature allows you to add and change the logo, personalizing the app’s appearance.
  • Enhanced Color Customization Settings – The app offers expanded settings for changing the color scheme to suit your preferences.

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