Calendar 5 vs Google Calendar – Which is the best one among both?

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The Calendar is among the most important and the most used app on our devices as here we manage all our appointments, events or any other important date so that we won’t miss out on anything. Today we will do a comparison between two different calendars that is Calendar 5 and Google Calendar and will find out which is the best one among both.

So, here we go –

Calendar 5 vs Google Calendar

  1. Compatibility– The first thing that comes here is the compatibility to see which one among both have a better compatibility.
Google Calendar Calendar 5
If you’ll see google calendar then it is extremely compatible with iOS and Android devices out there plus you can also use it on web.On the other Calendar 5 does not work that great with compatibility as it is only compatible with iOS devices so this is considered to be a minus point for this one.

2. Pricing– Another important thing in this comparison comes the price factor.

Google Calendar Calendar 5
This one is absolutely free to use on all the platforms be it android, iOS or any other.While, if you see Calendar 5 then it is priced at $6.99 which is considered to be another negative point for this one.

3. User Interface– We all prefer only that app which is easy to use without any complications. So, lets see which one scores the better user-interface tag.

Google Calendar Calendar 5
As google is always committed towards providing better services, you will see that it has worked great with this one also. The interface that google uses for its calendar is completely user-friendly and easy to use. You will find everything easily in this one.In this particular function, Calendar 5 has also worked great. You will see that its interface is better than the google one. Along with the user-friendly interface you will see that it is quite interesting and attractive also.

4- Management– Management plays a major role in making any particular app better than others.

Google CalendarCalendar 5
The google calendar is absolutely well managed and organised. You will see everything from creating events to task, reminders or anything else will have one separate section. You can reach the individual sections and create events, tasks or reminders easily.has gone way beyond then google with this feature. If you see this one that it is not only well organised but also manage things automatically. If you compare both on this particular point then Calendar 5 is the better one.

These were few of the most important points on which we have done comparison. Now, if you see it overall then google calendar seems to be a better option in both of them. The major reason behind this is that it provides a wider platform for different operating systems. Because of this it gets the maximum reach among the users.

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