Blade & Soul Revolution (KR) APK- Download | Latest Version 2023

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Blade & Soul Revolution (KR) for Android

Multiplayer online role-playing game is one of the most favourite genres of the video game players out there. There are numerous games out there in the market that falls under this genre and you guys must have played many of them. Here we are introducing you to one really amazing multiplayer role-playing game and the game is Blade & Soul: Revolution. This game has been developed by NetMarble Corporation

Here the players are going to get involved into some really intense battles and as they move further in the game, they will get to know their different skills and abilities. Their will be an open field faction was in which multiple players will enter together and fight the battle. As it is a multiplayer game, you will get to play along with your friends. The developers have introduced amazing graphics here which simply adds more fun to the game.

Download Blade & Soul Revolution (KR) APK | Latest Version 2023

Application NameBlade & Soul Revolution
CategoryRole Playing Game
Latest Version1.02.282.1
Developed byNEXUSGAMES
File Size85.95 MB
File NameBlade-and-Soul.apk
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 5.0 +
Uploaded On18-February-2021

Blade & Soul Revolution (KR) 2021 APK – Main Features

Here are some of the amazing features of this game that you guys are going to enjoy to the fullest:

  • Interesting Gameplay– As we all know, it is very necessary to have an interesting gameplay which helps the users to stay engaged and excited throughout the game. Here you are going to see a completely interesting and engaging gameplay that you must not have experienced before.
  • Collect Resources– Here you will also fight for your survival and for that you also need various resources. There are a lot resources available in this game and you will have to collect as much as possible.
  • Special Skills– Different class are available in this game and each one of them will be having some special and unique skills which is going to take them further in the game.
  • Open Field Faction War– There will be an open field faction war in which around 500 players will play together. Here the players will be fighting strategic battles along with their friends and against their enemies.
  • 3D Graphics– The graphics that has been used in this game simply makes the game a lot more attractive. You are going to experience 3D graphics here in this game which will give a complete realistic experience to the players.
  • Different Playing Modes– The developers have also introduced different playing modes in this game. One can either play PvE or PvP battles. There is also a new campaign dungeon, which will give the ability to experience both type of battles.
  • Exciting Rewards– Rewards are one of the most important part of any game and here you are going to get exciting rewards whenever you finish any task or kills the enemy. These rewards will help the players to improve their game.
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Other than these, there are dozens of features which the players will experience while playing the game. Download it now and have an ultimate experience of playing.


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