Download 5 Best Project management Tools for Android- 2021

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Project management Tool for Android

In today’s digital world we see that everything has been digitalised and we tend to do everything at our comfort zones. Be it shopping, paying bills, making projects or anything else, we can do all of these things through our mobile devices or laptop with an active internet connection at our home only. We can make projects easily on our devices but it tends to get difficult when it comes to management. Here we are going to tell you about Top 5 project management tools which are available for Android through which you will be able to manage all your projects. If you want to download the latest version of this application then click on the given download link.

Best Project management Tools 2021 APK | Latest Version 2021

1. Trello

Trello is one of the best project management tool available these days which will make your work from home more easy and convenient. This has been specially developed for all the small businesses out there. Here are few highlights of it–

  • It has been built up with Kanban-style, this will help you out to track every activity on your project.
  • You can also add your team members to your project with this tool.
  • Mention some really important details by adding cards to it.
Latest Version 2020.4.13693
CategoryProductivity and Business- Android
Developer NameFog Creek Software, Inc.
License Free Download

2. Notion

This one also works great when it comes to project management. You will get numerous option with this tool to manage your project perfectly.

  • You can create your very own personal workspace here with this tool along with the project management.
  • You can add comments or photos to your projects to make it more productive and attractive.
  • You can find this one out on different platforms including the web.
  • Team members could also be tagged with this app.
Latest Version 0.5.21
Category NameProductivity and Business- Android
DeveloperNotion Labs, Inc.
License Free Download

3. Asana

As far as only project management is concerned, this is the best option available out there.

  • You can easily create your project with this app without any difficulty.
  • You can invite your different team members to your project so that you can work collectively for better production.
  • It also uses Kanban technology which will help you to track the overall progress.
Application NameAsana
CategoryProject Management Software for Android
Latest Version 6.41.4
DeveloperAsana, Inc.
License Free Download


This one right here could be considered as a one of the best one. You will get a lot of features here along with project management.

  • While working on a project, it will provide you features like Google sheets.
  • You will also see some huge number of templates within this app which you can easily use.
  • There are other features also from which you can get a lot of benefits to make your project better.
Application NameCoda
CategoryProductivity Andorid
Latest Version 1.0.7
DeveloperCoda Project, Inc.
License Free

Well, Monday denotes a new day with a new task and this app works really well and is super productive like Monday. Thousands of organisations are using this app to deal with their numerous projects.

  • You can add a lot of lot of columns, numbers, status and a lot more while you create any project.
  • It also provides third-party app support which will help you to manage your projects perfectly.
Android Application
CategoryProject Management Tool
Latest Version 4.14.0
License Free

If you know some more project management tools then please tell us about them. You can comment below and provide us information about those tools.

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