Best Daggers Available in Elden Ring To Use

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If you are the one who loves playing role-playing games then, you must have played or at least heard about Elden Ring. It is one of the recently released games of this genre which is gaining huge popularity among players. Although the complete game is quite interesting one thing that is really exciting is daggers and here we are going to help you guys to figure out Elden Ring Best Daggers.

There are many players who are still unaware of when they can use the daggers and which one will be appropriate. Here, we will list the top five daggers that everyone who plays this game needs to try out –

  1. Misericorde (Location: Obtained from Stormveil Castle)– If you are looking for the best and the most powerful dagger in the entire game then it is Misericorde. The major reason why this particular dagger is better than the others is because of its range. Misericorde is having one of the longest range if you compare it with any other weapon class. Another important and really amazing thing about this dagger is that it is highly versatile which makes it one of the best option out there! Among all the other weapons that are there in Elden Ring, Misericorde is having the highest number of critical damage, which is 140.
  2. Bloodstained Dagger (Location: Rare drop from Demi-human chiefs.) – The next one in the list is Bloodstained Dagger which does quite a good job. All those who have been playing this game must be aware of the fact that Bleed status effect in this game is broken and this is the reason why it is useful in the game. Bloodstained Dagger is having different scales on strength and along with the Bleed effect, this participant weapon becomes extremely useful for the players.
  3. Black Knife (Location: Defeat Black Knife Assassin in Sainted Hero’s Grave.) – For all those who are going for faith builds in the game, Black Knife is the best dagger that you can have. While using this weapon, you will see that it has this special skill i.e. Blade of Death and this is going to help the players to reduce the total heath of the target. If used continuously, it can also lead to further damage. Although it is a knife but it still has a really good range which means you will be able maintain a safe distance while attacking your target. Black Knife is quite a good option as compared to any spells and incantations.
  4. Reduvia (Location: Defeat Bloody Finger Nerijus in Limgrave) – Another weapon that one can use to deal the Bleed damage is Reduvia. Until the mid game, Reduvia is considered to be one of the strongest weapons that players can have. With the help of this weapon, you will be able to inflict the bleed, really fast and as far as projectiles are considered, it is quite similar to the Black Knife. It is always a good idea to keep Reduvia, a pocket pick during the end-game.
  5. Scorpion’s Stinger (Location: Grand Cloister)– Scorpion’s Stinger is the last one in the list of Elden Ring Best Daggers, that you just can’t miss. If you wish to inflict the Scarlet Rot then, this is the best weapon for you. It can also be used for other builds that are quite similar to Scarlet Rot.
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These were the best five daggers that Elden Ring players surely need to get their hands on. These weapons will help you to get a better gaming experience!

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