Best 6 Ludo Applications for Android in 2023

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Ludo is an engrossing game of intelligence, fate, and skill. It has always been a captivating game played with two to four players to pass the time. Before the advent of smartphones and the Internet, this board game entertained people and helped them bond. Hence, this game brings back fond, nostalgic memories of the past. Luckily, you can now play the game online. So, you don’t have to dance around your packed schedule to accommodate a ludo game. Online platforms give you the freedom to engage in a ludo session whenever you want. Live opponents are readily available, and the platform will randomly match you with opponents of varying skills and experience levels. However, with numerous ludo applications available for Android, choosing the right one can be challenging. Here’s a list of the top apps Android users can check out in 2023.

Best 6 Ludo Apps For Android (2023)


MPL, or Mobile Premier League, is one of the top gaming platforms. You can play the exciting game of ludo with fun twists on this application. Meet real opponents online and win lucrative cash rewards. The app offers multiple forms of withdrawal options with several bonuses, cashback, and offers. Users are awarded a sign-up bonus and referral bonus if they can manage to convince their friends to join the platform. Currently, the platform offers three variants of ludo on the app. Each has its own set of thrills and challenges.

  • Ludo Dice – The game uses four tokens, and each action contributes to the player’s score. There are a limited number of moves, and the aim is to score higher than the opponent.
  • Ludo 2 Dice – The game is played with two dice, and the goal is to score higher than opponents. Two dice must be rolled each turn, and the sessions last six minutes. You must send as many tokens home as possible to receive bonus points.
  • Ludo Win – In this game, there are no dice. Instead, a reel of numbers is presented, and they represent the turn of the players. It is played with four tokens, and each action adds to the player’s score. The moves are limited, and the goal is to score higher than the opponent.

If you want to enjoy fun variants and play ludo online, choose this platform. The app also runs several tournaments you can participate in to earn cash prizes.

Parchisi STAR Online

Parchisi STAR Online is not just another board game app, it is a complete virtual socializing platform that ensures unlimited fun. The recently introduced VIP ROOM mode heightens stakes and intensifies games, providing VIP privileges and larger gifts packages. Furthermore, the game has now opened the option to login and bind with IMO accounts, opening up a whole new avenue for user rewards.

Building on the traditional ludo, Parchisi STAR Online offers several intriguing modes that cater to different types of players. It ranges from an Online Ludo game mode, where players can engage with global competitors, to a Play with Friends mode that allows you to challenge your buddies. Even if you prefer solo play, the Computer Ludo game mode pits you against a smart computer robot. The Weekly Tasks and Extra CHEST Reward feature constantly motivate players to stay hooked with exciting prizes. With exciting new features being added frequently, Parchisi STAR Online promises to keep players entertained and engaged.

Ludo Talent

The third best app on our list is Ludo Talent. This app brilliantly caters to the needs of Ludo enthusiasts, combining classic gameplay with a social twist. Ludo Talent, designed with a user-friendly interface, allows players to engage with friends and live opponents worldwide. The absence of disruptive ads and unnecessary in-app purchases enhances the uninterrupted gaming experience. The recent addition of the VIP ROOM mode takes the excitement up a notch, offering more intense games and VIP privileges, including generous gift packages to accumulate more Ludo coins.

Ludo Talent is not just about gaming, but it’s also about creating a social community. It allows players to meet, interact, and make friends from all over the world, bringing more fun and joy to the platform. Ludo, as a classic dice board game, was once loved by ancient kings for its power to create friendships. Now, through Ludo Talent, this tradition is being revived digitally. The app offers a variety of modes, including online ludo game mode, play with friends mode, and a computer ludo game mode for solo players wanting to challenge a smart computer robot. With regular weekly tasks and extra CHEST rewards, Ludo Talent ensures that the players always have something to look forward to. The future of Ludo Talent is promising, with numerous exciting updates and features on the horizon. Download Ludo Talent today and step into the world of exciting ludo games, where every roll of the dice brings you one step closer to becoming the next Ludo superstar.

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Making its way to the fourth spot on our list of best 6 Ludo Apps for Android in 2023 is Rush, a highly-rated ludo application on the Google Play Store. Rush serves as an excellent gaming choice, whether you want to play Ludo with friends or engage in challenging matches against AI and live opponents. It offers a straightforward and quick start to online gaming, enabling you to share the thrill with loved ones wherever you are. Plus, for those moments when your friends are right beside you, you can leverage the pass-and-play feature for an in-person competition. What sets Rush apart is the chance to earn real money, raising the stakes and making the games even more thrilling.

Rush isn’t just limited to Ludo; it’s a mobile-first gaming universe that promises AAA quality games and a superior gaming experience. Alongside Ludo, you can indulge in other board games like Carrom and a quiz game named Quizzy. All these games are available for free and present an opportunity to win real money. Rush takes pride in offering various casual games, board games, and quiz games to cater to different players’ preferences. For those who fancy the idea of earning real money from games, Rush allows instant withdrawal into your UPI account, enhancing its appeal among users. Apart from the gaming thrill, playing Ludo or Carrom on Rush is beneficial as it helps improve focus, enhance strategy skills, and boost memory, making it a winning choice for the fourth best Ludo app in 2023.

Ludo Master

The fifth entrant on our list is Ludo Master, the ultimate stop for those in search of a casual multiplayer board game. Suitable for players of all ages, the app offers both single-player and competitive multiplayer modes, providing versatility in gameplay. The app is well-known for its realistic design and easy-to-follow rules, making it easy for anyone to pick up the game. Whether you’re online or offline, Ludo Master offers endless fun, making it an ideal choice for family game nights and social gatherings.

Ludo Master is not only about a casual gaming experience, but it also adds a social dimension with its ‘Clubs’ feature. Players can create their clubs in the game, allowing them to connect and communicate with other players and even ask for free Gold or share Dice. As the game progresses, the increasing difficulty of levels maintains the excitement and challenge, keeping players engaged for hours. Key features like playing with friends without wagering, live chat, and participation in tournaments further enrich the game experience. The unique blend of simple gameplay, social interaction, and strategic challenge has rightfully positioned Ludo Master as the fifth-best Ludo app in 2023.

Khiladi Adda

Coming in at number six on our list is Khiladi Adda, a unique gaming app that combines fun and monetary rewards. Khiladi Adda has garnered praise for its straightforward, user-friendly interface that allows players to earn money while indulging in their favorite ludo games. The platform facilitates swift withdrawals through UPI applications and incentivizes players with rewards for referral logins. With 24/7 customer service and an array of features that augment gameplay, Khiladi Adda ensures a thrilling gaming experience.

Khiladi Adda’s versatility extends beyond just ludo gaming. The app features three distinct sections – FACTS, FREE QUIZZES, and FREE GAMES – catering to a diverse range of interests. The FACTS section offers a wealth of knowledge in gaming, blogging, technology, and intriguing trivia. The FREE QUIZZES section enables players to test and improve their knowledge while earning coins. The FREE GAMES section, on the other hand, offers a variety of games that can be played entirely for free. What sets Khiladi Adda apart is its unique features such as free daily quiz contests, earning coins through app sharing, coin redemption in the form of Paytm cash, mobile recharges, and discount coupons. While Khiladi Adda provides an engaging and rewarding gaming platform, it importantly emphasizes that it does not support real money gambling, underscoring its commitment to fun, responsible gaming.

Final Verdict

These Ludo apps for Android are some of the most popular in 2023, attracting a wide range of players who are looking for both fun and excitement. In addition, these apps offer chances to earn money through tournaments and multiplayer games. Players can win big cash rewards and prizes by participating in these exciting matches. Whether you choose to download just one or all of these apps, you’re guaranteed a good time. These apps will make sure every moment of your day is filled with fun and action.


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