Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.9.0 APK- Download| Latest Version 2023

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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) for Android

Battlegrounds Mobile India, also known as BGMI, is the Indian version of the popular battle royale game PUBG. It’s one of the most popular and most played role-playing games in India. This game has taken the mobile gaming world by storm and offers an immersive experience that’s hard to match. The game is set in a virtual world where players employ strategies to fight and be the last person standing. It’s free to play and offers diverse game modes that can be squad-based or solo. The game features various maps with different terrains, all designed with Unreal Engine 4.

One of the main features of BGMI is its Classic Mode. In this mode, players have to play with 99 other players from all around the world. This mode offers unique gameplay and keeps you engaged for the next 30 hours if no one kills you in between. At the start of the game, players have to stay in the lobby for 30 seconds as all players come together. Then a plane will come, and you can jump from the plane according to your will. You can land anywhere with the help of a parachute. After landing, you have to search for weapons and other accessories such as Health Kit, Medical Kit, Vest, Guns, Scope (2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, 8x). With the help of these weapons, you can kill other people. The game offers lots of weapons, and even in between, it offers special and powerful guns with the help of Air Drop. The area is big, and after every 5 minutes, it gets contracted with the play zone. If you don’t get inside the play zone, you’ll die. Outside the play zone, your health will decrease regularly, but in the play zone, it will not. If you kill all the enemies with your teammates, you’ll get a special reward, your rank will increase, and you’ll have chicken dinner (a virtual word used in the game after winning).

BGMI offers lots of other modes and maps as well. It offers unique supplies and elements like elevators, huts on fire, tactical crossbows, and ziplines, adding a new level of excitement and challenge. BGMI also offers regular content updates and world-class events in which you can earn money. The game is responsive to player feedback, and the developers are committed to bringing exciting new content and collaborations. The only drawback of this game is that you need a proper and reliable internet connection. The graphics are heavy, so it requires good internet. The system requirements for BGMI are also higher; you must have a phone running Android 4.3 or above and at least 1.5 GB RAM to play this game. The game is exclusively for players in India and is serviced by KRAFTON.

So if you want to play a Battle Role-Playing game that offers you a similar experience to GTA on mobile, then PUBG is the perfect game for you.

Download Battlegrounds Mobile India APK | Latest Version 2023

Application Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)
CategoryRole Playing Game
Version Name2.9.0
File NameBGMI.apk
File Size83.02 MB
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21)
Uploaded On01-December-2023

BGMI 2023 APK- Main Features

These are some of the best features of BGMI –

  • Battle Royale Mode– The game features a mode where 100 players are dropped onto an island to fight. As the map shrinks, players are forced closer together, battling to be the last one standing.
  • Dragon Ball Super-Themed Mode– The app features the ability to collect all 7 Dragon Balls, summon Shenron, and wish for power.
  • Team Deathmatch Mode– The game provides a 4v4 battle where teams score by killing each other. The first team to reach the score limit emerges victorious.
  • Gun Game Mode– The game offers a race to master all weapons, starting with a pistol. Progressing through kills, the first player to reach the final weapon wins.
  • Payload Mode– The game features a larger-scale battle with vehicles and heavy weapons. The primary goal is to destroy the enemy’s base.
  • Training Ground– The game offers a practice area to test out weapons and vehicles, helping players hone their battle abilities.
  • New Tropical Map – Nusa – The game features elevators, huts on fire, tactical crossbows, and ziplines, offering new terrain to explore.
  • Two-Person Bike – The game features a bike that can carry two people. You can use these bikes and perform stunts also.
  • Royal Pass Series – RPA1 – The game provides exclusive rewards like the Specter Slayer Set and Tangerine Drake Set.
  • New 1×1 Nusa Map – The game features a new battleground in the 1×1 Nusa Map. If you don’t want to play long games then you can select this short MAP.
  • Assault Rifles– The game provides the following Rif
  • Play New Events – The game provides opportunities to win four permanent premium outfits through engaging events.
  • Stygian Liege X Suit – The game offers a new addition to the outfit arsenal that enhances players’ customization choices.
  • World of Wonder Updates – The game features a New Summer Brawl map and battles with different classes, enriching the game world.
  • New Weapons– The game provides improvements such as new AR and ACE 32 guns using 7.62mm ammo and crossbow enhancements.
  • RP A2 – The game offers customizable skins, gun skins, and glider skins, adding a personalized touch to the game.

BGMI Guns & Weapon Damage Chart


NameAmmo SizeMag SizeHead DMGFire RateReload
Micro Uzi9mm25 (Ext: 35)47/33/28/2120.83.1s
MP5K9mm30 (Ext: 40)59/42/36/27152.2s
Vector9mm19 (Ext: 33)56/39/33/25182.2s
Tommy Gun0.4530 (Ext: 50)72/50/43/3211.63.45s
UMP450.4525 (Ext: 35)70/49/42/3210.93.1s


NameAmmo SizeMag SizeBody DamageHead DamageFire RateReload Time
VSS9mm10 (Ext: 20)43/30/26/19/1996/67/58/4311.62.9s
Mini-145.5620 (Ext: 30)48/34/29/22/22100/76/65/49103.6s
QBU5.5610 (Ext: 20)50/35/30/23/23100/79/68/51103s
MK14 EB7.6210 (Ext: 20)64/45/38/29/29100/100/86/6511.13.68s
SLR7.6210 (Ext: 20)61/43/37/27/28100/95/82/61103.68s
SKS7.6210 (Ext: 20)56/39/33/25/25100/87/75/56102.9s


NameAmmo SizeMag SizeBody DamageHead DamageFire RateReload Time
M247.625 (Ext: 7)100/79/68/51/36100/100/100/840.564.2s
AWM0.3005 (Ext: 7)100/100/95/71/50100/100/100/1000.544.6s


NameAmmo SizeMag SizeBody DamageHead DamageFire RateReload Time
Deagle0.457 (Ext: 10)62/43/37/28/31100/87/74/5642s
P19110.457 (Ext: 12)41/29/25/18/2182/57/49/3792.1s
P18C9mm17 (Ext: 25)23/16/14/10/1246/32/28/2116.72s
P929mm15 (Ext: 20)35/25/21/16/1870/49/42/327.42s
Skorpion9mm20 (Ext: 40)22/15/13/10/1144/31/26/2014.33.08s

Assault Rifles

NameAmmo SizeMag SizeaBody DamageHead DamageFire RateReload Time
Aug A35.5630 (Ext: 40)41/29/25/18/1896/67/58/4311.63.67s
G36C5.5630 (Ext: 40)41/29/25/18/1896/67/58/4311.63.8s
M4165.5630 (Ext: 40)41/29/25/18/1896/67/58/4311.62.73s
M16A45.5630 (Ext: 40)43/30/26/19/19100/71/61/46102.86s
QBZ955.5630 (Ext: 40)41/29/25/18/1896/67/58/4310.93.66s
SCAR-L5.5630 (Ext: 40)41/29/25/18/1896/67/58/4310.42.86s
AKM7.6230 (Ext: 40)47/33/28/21/21100/77/66/50103.22s
Beryl M7627.6230 (Ext: 40)46/32/28/21/21100/76/65/4911.62.9s
Groza7.6230 (Ext: 40)47/33/28/21/21100/77/66/5012.53s
MK47 Mutant7.6220 (Ext: 30)49/34/29/22/22100/81/69/52103.37s


NameAmmo SizeMag SizePelletsBody DamageHead DamageFire RateReload Time
DBS Shotgun12G14926/18/16/12/1231/22/19/1426s
S12K12G5 (Ext: 8)922/15/13/10/1129/25/22/1643s

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