Auto Clicker Download 2022| Latest Version 1.6.2 [APK]

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Auto Clicker for Android

You must have come across a lot of games and apps that need regular input. Most probably while you are updating them or any such thing. If you tend to forget to click on time, you can have this app called Auto Clicker which is going to make things quite easy for you. This app has been developed by True Developers Studio and is available to download for both androids as well as iOS devices.

Auto-Clicker is a kind of app that works like an auto-clicking program. Here the app works in a sequence that has been set by the users and you will be able to use it on various games and some apps as well. You can customise the app just according to your needs and how you want it to perform, to have the best experience. It has been developed in a simple and straightforward interface where everything is clear and won’t have to keep finding something. You can set both the click number and the time period according to your need and it will perform accordingly. You will also see that the app comes with different tap variations which is going to make it extremely convenient for the users to use this app for various purposes. The best part here is that the app is completely free of cost and there are not any hidden charges as well which is simply amazing.

Download Auto Clicker 8.14.2 APK | Latest Version 2022

Application NameAuto Clicker
CategoryPayment Gateway
Latest Version8.14.2
Total Size164.68 MB
AuthorPayPal Mobile
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 7.0+ (N, API 24)
Uploaded On17-April-2022

Auto Clicker 2022 APK- Main Features

Here we have some of its features that you should know –

  • Highly Customisable – Here you will see that nothing has been set in advance and the developers have left everything up to the users. You can easily set the time and the number of clicks that you want and this can be changed whenever you want.
  • Easy to Use – In order to make everything really very easy for everyone out there, it has been developed using a really simple and straightforward interface and because of this, you will be able to find everything easily without any difficulty.
  • Zero Ads – Ads tend to become really annoying and especially when we are doing something important. Well, here you won’t be facing any such issue or interruption in between your work because this app is completely ad-free.
  • Floating Panel – While using the app, you will notice that it has a floating panel that is simply meant to provide you the best user experience. It is going to help you do a lot of things that you were unable to do otherwise.
  • Swipe Setup – It’s not just about clicks because here you are also getting this swipe setup. You can simply make a swipe setup and it is going to be really helpful for you while playing some games or it might be quite helpful for certain apps as well.
  • Free of Cost– One of the most important thing about this app that all of you should be aware of is that it is absolutely free of cost. You guys are not required to pay anything to either download or to use this app.

These are some of the amazing features that this app has to offer you. All these features are going to make things quite convenient, easy, and straightforward for you. Auto Clicker is the kind of app that every smartphone user need to have on their devices and especially the ones who keep playing different games on their mobile phones.

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