Apex Legends for Android | Upcoming New RPG Game 2021


Apex Legends for Android

No matter what, battle royale games are and will always come under one of the most favourite genre of majority of video game players out there. This is the kind of game that simply provides you a really amazing gameplay along with some intense actions. One such amazing game is Apex Legends which has been developed by Electronic Arts and is available for a lot of different gaming platforms out there.

Apex Legends is a completely free to play battle royale game which comes along with a really amazing gameplay to provide you the best ever gaming experience. Although the game was already available for Windows, PS4, and Xbox One but recently it has been made available for Nintendo Switch as well. Along with this, there are rumours that the game will be soon made available for both the android and iOS devices. The best thing about the game is that it is a multiplayer game so you guys will be able to play this game easily with your friends no matter where they are.

Play Apex Legends | Latest Version 2021

Application NameApex Legends
CategoryRole Playing Game
Latest Version1.1.1
File NameApex-Legends.apk
Total Size365 MB
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 4.0+
Uploaded On31-March-2021

Apex Legends 2021- Main Features

Here are some of the really amazing features of Apex Legends that the players are going to enjoy to the fullest –

  • Intense Gameplay – Here you will see a completely intense gameplay that will provide you an amazing experience of playing a battle royale game. A lead player will be having their complete squad that will help them to fight various battles and face all the challenges together.
  • Different Gaming Modes – The game features two different gaming mode and it has been revealed that these gaming modes will provide you different experience of playing.
  • In-Game Currencies – Here you will see an in-game currency which you will be getting in form of rewards. You will also get this currency whenever you will complete any certain task or challenge in this game. This will help you to purchase several items in the game that will help you to move further in the game.
  • Amazing Customization – No one can deny the fact that customization simply adds more fun to the game and here you will get a lot of different customization options that will change your and your gadgets appearance in the game.
  • Ping System – There is a special ping system that comes with the game which helps you to easily communicate with your squad while playing. This will provide you a better gaming experience.
  • Cross-Platform Gaming – The game comes with a feature that helps you to guys to play across different players. This simply means that you do not have to start over again and again as you can easily start the game from where you left on different platform as well.
  • Intense Battles – Here the players will get involved into some really intense battles against their opponents. These battles are simply going to sharpen your skills and are meant to provide you an ultimate battle royale experience.
  • Legendary Characters – Here the players will get a chance to encounter those legendary characters along their way while playing this amazing game. Here each character will come with their own unique skills and abilities which will help you guys to easily move further in the game.

There must be a lot of other features as well that the users will get to know while playing the game. It will be very soon released for mobile devices as well and the firm is aiming to provide the best ever experience to the users. Until then, download it on the platforms for which it is already available and have the best experience

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