Android Q Features, Released Date | Download for Google Pixel Device


Majority of people are using android phones these days and there are more than 2 billion active users of Android on a monthly basis. This operating system was released way back by Google and Open Handset Alliance, more than 10 years ago from now. From then only the users are increasing day by day at a very high rate and with an increasing number, the expectations are also increasing. Every user expects that there will be different exciting features added to it with each update that comes with performance improvement. Here is the latest update of it that is lined up to be released shortly. This article is going to clear all your doubts about the latest update of Android.First of all the name of this update is Android Q which is currently available in a beta program. It is an upcoming release that is a major one among all. It is the 17th version of this operating system. The first beta program of this version is exclusively available for Google pixel and it has been said that there will be around six release before the final release of it. It has been expected that this version will come with different exciting features which will completely enhance and change your experience.

Android Q Release Date

Release date – Well, the date has not been announced yet but it has been assumed that as they are saying that it will be released in the third quarter of this year so it will be released somewhere around August 2019 and before that there will be several beta versions which will be there to test properly.

This was about the release date and now it’s turning for features, some of the very exciting features are explained below that will be there in this version –

Android Q Features

  • Privacy– The developers have worked so much with the privacy issue of the system. With this version, you won’t get any complaints regarding the privacy issue. You will be having more control over the location privacy while using an app and there are some other things like that whose privacy policy is improved.
  • Screen recorder – There will be a built-in screen recorder that will be available for all android devices with this update.
  • New permissions – There will be some new permissions that it will ask while having access to photos, videos or any other files that will just simply increase the security of your device.
  • Support for foldable devices – There are many innovative devices that are coming up in the market these days and Google had made sure with this update that it will provide full support to such devices like foldable screen and other innovative screens. Now, with this update, you won’t face any problem while operating such devices.
  • New display settings – Most probably there will be some updates and differences that you might see in the display of your android device. There will be a feature that will change your display to dark mode and it can be changed from the display settings of your phone. New themes might be introduced with this version.
  • Better connectivity – You will experience better connectivity of your device with this update that includes adaptable wifi and much more. It will also provide support to different multimedia tools with improved performance.
  • Face ID authentication – From different sources, it is also suspected that there will be face ID authentication like it is there in iOS. The new update will use facial scans for verification and unlocking. We still don’t know how it will work but it is going to be an interesting one.
  • Different shortcuts – There will be some different sharing shortcuts that will allow you to share different files or media with the contacts directly which is going to save much of your time.

This was not all, there will be some other exciting things also that you will see in this update. Google has worked so much with this update to completely transform your experience of operating the android system.

Android Q beta 1 is available for the following Google Pixel’s device | Download Here

  1. Google Pixel XL
  2. Google Pixel 2
  3. Google Pixel 2 XL
  4. Google Pixel 3
  5. Google Pixel 3 XL

There are some rumours also with this update like the swipe gestures instead of using the back button. You will get rid of the back button

and use left swipes instead. Some things are still nor revealed which we will get to know once the update is out for everyone. Till then stay updated and wait for the amazing experience ahead.

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