Android Multi Tools 1.02b- Download for PC| Latest Version 2023

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If you want to download the latest version of Android Multi-Tool for PC then click on the given link.

Android Multi-Tool for PC

Hey all! Today’s article is about something different and that one thing that you really need to have in your life. We all are very protective about our privacy and because of this we tend to protect everything on your phone, PC or any other device with passwords and sometimes it gets very hard to remember all the passwords. So here we are telling you about that one tool which will solve this problem of yours and that is Android Multi Tool.

It is that all in one tool that allows all of you to unlock face gestures, passwords, pin, pattern, Gmail and a lot more. Now you won’t need to enter passwords every-time you use your phone or PC. It can be used easily on your PC also and this will simply increase more security to any of your device or app. You don’t need to remember all of your passwords anymore because there will be just one password for everything that you use.

Download Android Multi-Tool for PC

Application NameAndroid Multi-Tool for PC
CategoryMuti Toolkit for PC
File NameAndroid-Multi-Tool
Latest Version1.02
File Size361 KB
Minimum Version RequiredWindow XP
Updated Year02-July-2022

Android Multi-Tool for PC 2023- Main Features

Here are some of the most common uses of this tool –

  • Check device – You can easily check the status of your device with this tool whether it is connected to your PC or not.
  • Reset locks – You will be able to reset your face, gesture, pin lock with this app. It makes this thing very convenient for you.
  • Wipe data – Sometimes we need to reset our device by wiping out everything so here this tool will help you out to wipe all the data from your device.
  • Check info – You can also use this tool to check info of your software or hardware and it will give you complete info about it.
  • Command Prompt – You can easily reach the command prompt option with this tool by just one single click so now there is no need to search for it.
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There are many other uses also but here is the most important one and you need to know everything about it that is Fastboot.

Well, Fastboot is one option that everybody needs to have in their mobile devices and PCs. Android Multi Tool provides you with an option of Fastboot. So, here are the things that you can do in this mode-

  • Check devices – It will let you check whether your device is in Fastboot mode and if you want to activate it then it will also help you to activate it for your device.
  • Wipe data – Now again you can also wipe out all of your data in Fastboot mode. It will easily let you do so.
  • Exit mode – Sometimes it gets very tricky for some people to exit the Fastboot mode. Well now, with this tool, you can easily exit fastboot mode in your device.

This tool is just a kind of all in one and must to have one in your device either it is your smartphone or PC. It works great for both the devices and sometimes people face little problems while using this kind of tool on their PC but here, you won’t face any kind of problem as it has been specially designed in such a way that users will not face any problem while using it.

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