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Akinator for Android

There are numerous of gaming genres out there that people simply love to play but it has been seen that most of them comes with intense actions and adventures. Well, if you are looking for a game that comes with super light gameplay then it is Akinator. It is a video game that is developed by Elokence, a French company and is made available for different platforms so that you do not face any compatibility issues. It is available for all the Android, Fire OS, iOS, Windows Phone, and Web Browser.

Akinator is basically a kind of game where it will ask you several questions and will literally read your mind through artificial intelligence. It will simply tells you the character that is in your mind, in an instant. You can imagine any real as well as fictional character and allow Akinator to guess what is in your mind. The game is really fun and can be played anytime and anywhere as there is not any complex gameplay where you will have to pay much attention. It’s not just about guessing the characters because it also has two other themes as well that are related to movies and animals.

Download Akinator 2022 APK | Latest Version 8.5.22

Application NameAkinator
Latest Version8.5.22
File NameAkinator.apk
Total Size63.24 MB
Minimum RequirementsMin: Android 4.4 (Kitkat, API 19)
Target: Android 11 (API 30)

Akinator 2022 APK- Main Features

There are a lot of exciting features that the players are going to explore while playing this game. Here we are introducing you guys to few of the best ones –

  • Interesting Gameplay – One of the best thing about this game is that it comes with a really interesting gameplay that is sure to keep you all interested throughout the game. Along with being interesting, it is also very light which helps the users to play more and whenever they want.
  • Record your Progress – Before starting playing this game, you will be asked to create your account here. It will save all of your progress on your account and you will get all of these things even if you play the game on any other device. All you need is login to your account.
  • Additional Themes – The developers of this game has introduced two additional themes in which the Akinator will not only be guessing the characters but also movies and animals. This is something that will add more fun to this game and you are going to enjoy it to the fullest.
  • Aki Awards – Aki awards is basically a kind of reward that the users get for performing well in the game. These awards are going to be really very amazing as they will provide you some extra benefits as well.
  • Amazing Customization – The game comes with some really amazing customization options that are meant to make it even more interesting. You guys will be able to customise the blue genie in the game, the way you like! There are different options that you can try and all of this is going to make the game a lot more interesting to play.
  • In-Game Video Recording – This feature is going to help the players to video record while they are playing. This is like a screen recording feature that comes in-built and will help you to see how you’ve actually played.
  • Premium Subscription – All those players who loved playing this game, they can go for the premium subscription as this will give them unlimited access to all of its features plus it will also become ad-free, which is simply amazing.

Akinator is simply the best game for all those people who are looking for a different game!

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