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Age of Revenge for Android

Are you searching for a new and free-to-download RPG Android game? If yes then you can try Age of Revenge an MMO RPG with an exciting story and easy gameplay. In this game, you play as a hero in a world where the First Empire is gone. Your goal is to stop a dark force from taking over the lands. You will go on quests to faraway places and level up your character while discovering secrets.

Age of Revenge’s gameplay is simple but challenging. You can learn new skills upgrade equipment and dress your character in special armor. There are many fun features like finding rare weapons fighting other players and joining or making clans to fight big bosses. You can also build structures with your clan and get helpful bonuses. The game has great graphics and lots of creatures to fight. However, it can be slow sometimes and the tutorial may be confusing for new players. Despite these issues, Age of Revenge is a good choice for RPG fans. Join the Second Empire heroes and start a great adventure in the Age of Revenge.

Download Age of Revenge APK

Application NameAge of Revenge
CategoryTurn Based RPG Android Game
Latest Version 2.68
File NameAge-of-Revenge.apk
Total Size44.43 MB
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 7.0 (Nougat, API 24)
Uploaded On13-September-2023

Age of Revenge APK- Main Features

The Age of Revenge is packed with some amazing features. Below we have written some of the best features that you’re going to love-

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Age of Revenge Game Screenshots
  • Engrossing Narrative – The game features an engrossing narrative set in a realm where the First Empire has crumbled and where you assume the role of valiant heroes striving to thwart a formidable dark power from engulfing the territories.
  • Strategic Turn-Based RPG Gameplay – The game provides strategic turn-based RPG gameplay allowing you to hone your skills, acquire new combat techniques, enhance your gear and personalize your characters with distinctive armor.
  • Captivating World-Building – The game transports you on an odyssey across distant territories where you confront mystical creatures and unearth the mysteries of the Old Empire providing an enthralling world-building experience.
  • Powerful Relics – The game provides potent relics for you to amass granting you extraordinary prowess to vanquish formidable dungeon adversaries.
  • Interactive Social Features – The game enables you to form or join clans, collaborate in battling mighty dungeon foes and erect citadels, libraries, and other structures to obtain valuable bonuses fostering a social dimension.
  • Competitive PvP Combat – The game features engaging PvP encounters allowing you to measure your abilities against others in the role-playing arena.
  • Expansive Bestiary – The game provides an extensive bestiary teeming with diverse creatures and monsters for you to confront and vanquish.
  • Themed Adventures – The game features themed missions that enrich the overall gameplay experience.
  • Stunning Visuals – The game features lifelike graphics that further immerse you in the enthralling game world.
  • Accessible Gameplay Mechanics – The game provides straightforward gameplay mechanics that are effortless to grasp yet provide a demanding experience that is tough to master.

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