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7Z for Android

In the world of file compression and archiving having the right android application for the job is essential. The 7Z app for Android is a powerful tool that enables you to manage archive files like 7Zip, zip, rar, jar, or APK on your device. With 7Z you can swiftly and easily extract, open, view or create your own archive by compressing files and folders. The app supports all common archive formats and types such as zip, rar, 7zip, 7z, jar, apk, tar, and gzip. You can create password-encrypted zip files, high compression archives like 7Zip or Tar, and browse the contents of archive formats containing multiple files.

The main highlighted feature of this app is that it supports an intuitive file manager, background execution, job progress and history display, and file associations for extensions like 7z. 7Z supports not only common archives like 7Zip, 7Z, Rar, and Zip but also less-used ones. Archives, which are often found on the internet, require unpacking or extracting before you can use their contents. 7Z supports various compression formats including DEFLATE, LZMA, XZ, ZStandard, and the less frequently used Pack200. Given its wide range of features and support for multiple archive formats, the 7Z app for Android is an indispensable tool for anyone frequently dealing with file compression and archiving.

Download 7Z: Zip & 7Zip Files Manager APK

Application Name7Z: Zip & 7Zip Files Manager
CategoryZipper tool
Latest Version2.3.1
File Size38.51 MB
File Name7Z.apk
Minimum Android RequiredAndroid 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21)
Uploaded On07-September-2023

7Z 2023 APK- Main Features

These are the list of features of 7Z App:

  • Support For Common Archive Formats – The app features support for all common archive formats such as zip, rar, 7zip, 7z, jar, apk, tar, and gzip which enables you to work with various types of compressed files.
  • Password-Protected Archives – The app provides the ability to create zip files encrypted with a password as well as extract password-protected zip or 7zip files (provided you know the password).
  • High-Compression Archives – The app features the capability to create archives with high compression like 7Zip or Tar, saving you storage space.
  • Archive Browsing – The app provides the option to browse the contents of archive formats containing multiple files such as 7Zip, 7z, Tar, Apk, Jar, and Rar.
  • Background Execution – The app features the functionality to create, extract, or unzip files even when closed. This feature allows you to multitask on your device.
  • Intuitive File Manager – The app provides a user-friendly file manager with standard file operations like move, copy, and delete, making it easy to manage your archives.
  • Job Progress and History – The app features a system to keep track of your archive creation and extraction tasks.
  • File Associations – The app provides the convenience of opening files with specific extensions (like 7z) directly by selecting them externally, streamlining your workflow.
  • File and Folder Encryption – The app features the option to safeguard your files and folders by encrypting them within password-protected zip files, ensuring their security.
  • Archiving for Space-Saving and Easy Sharing – The app provides the ability to compress several files into one smaller file and helps you to reduce file sizes, save disk space on your device, and make sharing or emailing files more convenient.
  • Support for Various Archive Formats – The app features support for not only common archive formats but also less frequently used ones, providing you with a comprehensive tool for working with archives.
  • Handling Encrypted Archives – The app provides the capability to extract encrypted archives that require a password, which is usually provided by the original author and included in the download.
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